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He's waiting for you to pay him, I'm assuming. Neil Feineman : Inat my first meeting with the editors, there was this huge argument about whether [models] should have hard-ons. We were in a restaurant and I'm sitting there with all of these women, three martinis into it, listening to them fight. I remember the waiter looking at me like, "What the hell is going on here?

I have no idea. And I'm mortified.

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Brian Dawson April centerfold : They didn't want a full-on erection, so the photographer shot pictures as I went downgiving them the opportunity to select the degree of erection. Sim o n Cherpitel photographer, August and October : Their rule was, if I showed a penis and it was erect, it needed to be floating on water or something, so they could say, "This is not an erect penis. Neil Feineman : One of the reader-favorite centerfolds called, enraged because there was a three-month period where erections were used, and a model he felt competitive with had a hard-on.

I said, "I'm looking at your photograph and you have nothing to be ashamed of. A magazine teeming with naked men would seem to present a golden marketing opportunity: Why not target women and gay men at the same time?

But bowing to the prevailing negative view of gay men - homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association until - Playgirl aggressively downplayed that crossover in its press and marketing. In its first year, the magazine claimed 94 percent female readership. Over time, that number has been internally described to employees as more like 80 percent or 50 percent or less. Ira Ritter : I can assure you I tried to not have gay men in the magazine. Neil Feineman: The art directors, [most of whom] were straight, were going to the bathhouses with business cards to get the centerfolds.

Randy Dunbar designer, : Photographers like Herb Ritts used to shoot for Playgirl all the time using noms de plume. You weren't out and proud; you were talented and inside.

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Lorenzo Lamas actor, JulyNovemberand May covers : I was approached to do a centerfold for Playgirl when I was a trainer at Jack LaLanne Health Spa in My girlfriend at the time agreed to be in the pictorial. It was pretty no-holds-barred.

  Playgirl Wants Game of Thrones' Michiel Huisman to Pose Nude: A "Glimpse of His Butt" Wasn't Enough! "Right now, we just want to see if this is something we Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins 12 rows  Nude photographs published in Playgirl. See also Posed Naked for Playboy. Name Occupation Birth DeathKnown for; Gary Conway: Actor: 4-Feb Det. Tilson on Burke's Law: Sam J. Jones: Actor: Aug Flash Gordon: Peter Lupus: Actor: Jun Willy Armitage on Mission: Impossible: George Maharis: Actor: 1-Sep Buzz Murdock on

The photographer was a client of mine. When I was 18, that was more money than I made in a year. We shot it. I told my dad, [MGM star] Fernando Lamas.

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He went through the roof and got a sharp attorney who went to Playgirl and said they could not release the photos. They said, "We have a contract," but the attorney said, "I don't care. It has the potential of ruining whatever clean-cut image he has as an actor.

I think she showed my dad the pictures and he burned them.

  It+o?e??aos pretty rare for a celeb to show some skin in the pages of Playgirl, at least by choice. The mag has managed to get their hands on nude shots of stars and published them Estimated Reading Time: 1 min   Lorenzo Lamas (actor, July , November , and May covers): I was approached to do a centerfold for Playgirl when I was a trainer at Jack LaLanne Health Spa in My girlfriend at the Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   Celebrities in Playgirl. Since the Palin family nemesis teamed up with Playgirl, mystery has surrounded who was bringing the magazine back from the

My dad thought the magazine targeted gays. He thought that would be harmful to me.

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Joyce Dudney Fleming editor-in-chief, : Lambert kept insisting that it was a magazine for women, and really wasn't attuned to the fact that a lot of people perceived itas a magazine for gay men. Joe Spondike May centerfold, "Playgirl ' s Sexy Men" covers May and January : I was getting really weird calls from guys. One guy called me up and said, "Money's no object, I wanna fly you out to Europe and do some shots.

Christopher Atkins: There was supposedly one shot where I was standing in the pool and it was something about a shadow at the bottom of the pool that made me look "massive" and [the photographer] was offered lots of money for that slide. I always thought that it was a magazine for women, but men were trying to buy the slide. Neil Feineman : Management was in massive denial over it. Closeted men comprisedcertainly a very large part of the readership.

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Subscriptions weren't in people's right names - it was always initials. It was "M.

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Ira Ritter: I heard from friends years later that Playgirl became popular with the gay community. I had no clue. My goal was to create a magazine that reached women.

Randy Dunbar: Why was there such a large gay audience if there was gay pornography? I think a lot of guys who were probably still in the closet could go to the supermarket and say, "It's for my girlfriend. George Maharis: A lot of guys came up to me with [my centerfold] and asked me to sign it for their "wives. Ira Ritter bought Playgirl from Douglas Lambert in and stopped relying on male nudes in favor of clothed-celebrity covers.

Following a split with his business partner, Ritter sold his share in Playgirl in The magazine filed for Chapter 11 and was taken on by Drake Publishing, helmed by New York publisher Carl Ruderman, who owned men's magazines like High Society and Cheri.

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After a brief experiment banning frontal nudity inPlaygirl pivoted back to sex and moved from Century City to Manhattan. The magazine began a tumultuous transformation from what then-editor-in-chief Charmian Carl deemed "a fun, quirky feminist statement" to unapologetic soft-core porn.

Charmian Carl art director and editor-in-chief, s : When I first got promoted [to editor-in-chief], Ruderman said, "Congratulations, Mrs. CarlI hope you don't think you're gonna make this Cosmo. Charles Hovland prospective photographer, s : Playgirl 's staff changed a lot.

Playgirl actor nude

One female art director said, "The dicks are too big. Women don't like to look at big dicks. It's like a weapon. Women don't like the whole butt thing. When I came back, they said, "These dicks aren't big enough.

Sher Bach administrative assistant, : Imagine working for a company where the morning topic is, "What's wrong with this guy's balls? Looks like somebody took a hammer to 'em.

Charmian Carl: One time, Ruderman came to a postmortem [ editorial meetings to discuss the success of the prior issue ].

He said, "What women want is hairy asses. We're all women here. We don't wanna see that. Trust me. I'll leave it at that.

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Douglas Cloutier photographer, ss : It was a lot of candles and flowers and stuff. Women don't really care to see it. They would rather read about it. Girls don't wanna see a guy's asshole. Gay guys? Different story.

Playgirl Magazine: PG December In his case, acting "took," and Matuszak became a successful film and TV performer after his retirement from professional sports, playing character roles in fantasy films like Ice Pirates and Goonies and making regular appearances on the TV series Hollywood Beat and First and Ten PLAYGIRL AUGUST Land of the Giants actor GARY CONWAY nude MR. BLACKWELL - $ FOR SALE! PLAYGIRL August Land of the Giants actor GARY CONWAY nude Celebrities Go Nude for Magazines. Levi Johnston's Playgirl cover has been unveiled. Headlined "Levi Johnston Goes Rogue," the photo spread also includes an interview with Johnston

Charmian Carl: InI flew to Chicago and met with Christie Hefner, who I adore. I told her it was unfair that Playgirl was not going in the direction it should after 21 yearsWomen have never been empowered to feel free to explore their sexuality; they feel dirty if they do. Women need a place to be able to explore and get excited.

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PLAYGIRL August Land of the Giants actor GARY CONWAY nude MR. Condition is "Good". No writing rips or tears on any of the pages.

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Please see photos for condition Condition: Goo All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepte Publication Month: AugustPublication Name: PlaygirlTopic: Women's InterestPublication Year:Language: EnglishPublication Frequency: MonthlyYear Published: See More. Super high amount of views. Top-Rated Seller! Although the pictures were snapped eight years ago, Urban's famous wife, Nicole Kidmanjust saw them for the first time recently and according to reports was "impressed.

Burt Reynolds - June Ineveryone's main mustachioed stud Burt Reynolds appeared on the cover of Playgirl and gave an interview, which included the topic: "His Love Affair With Sally [Fields] Is Not Over. But inside, Burt did not disrobe. He already had - not for Playgirl, but for the famous Cosmopolitan shoot, which featured a hirsute Reynolds naked his left arm strategically place reclining on a bear-skin rug, a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

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Sure, he could have tried to top himself in Playgirl, but really, why mess with perfection? The September issue of Playgirl featured a four-page foldout of the former Cleveland Browns football player-turned-actor Jim Brown. Jim didn't do the normal celebrity Playgirl cover up.

Nope, he let it all hang out, resting on the edge of a grand piano, inexplicably standing on a spiral staircase, looking thoughtfully out a bay window, jauntily leaning on a candelabra, and posing on the obligatory animal-skin rug. No word on whether the publishers approached Cheech to join him in the spread.

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So many jokes spring into our minds when we think of Big Daddy Kane appearing in Playgirl. But the rapper kept his Kane covered by a box of candy in the pictorial. So we'll have to go with his explanation that his nickname comes from his love of martial arts as a boy.

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Kane stripped down again the following year, appearing clad in leopard-skin briefs for a very racy photo in Madonna's controversial coffee table book "Sex. Perhaps he was attempting to shed that squeaky clean teen idol image that still lingered despite a string of edgy movies in the late '60s, including "Maryjane," "The Wild Racers," and "The Devil's 8.

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