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She then find out that Mute actually IS a prince and she is both his saviour - the magical ballerina Princess Tutu - and no more than a little yellow duck note her name means duck transformed into a girl by the late storyteller Drosselmeyer. In the story that Drosselmeyer was writing when he died, a prince was fighting a monster raven, but as the story was left unfinished it would seem they were doomed to fight an unending battle.

Princess Tutu is a dramatic and fantastic anime about a clumsy girl named Duck. She attends a ballet school and she works hard to achieve her dream, to dance with the handsome Senior Mytho. Senior Mytho (Mytho-sempai) is a emotionless young man who has lost his heart. The reason for this is because he is an incarnation of a Prince inside of a story called The Prince and The Raven by the story Title: Something Girl Genre: Romance Rating: K+ - T Pairing: Fakir x Ahiru Spoilers: N/A Summary: Nobody loves a woman because she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love. Word Count: Warnings: One-shot collection Disclaimer: Not mine. Summary belongs to Honore de Balzac. A/N: I love ballet. This anime makes me so sad I didn't start when I was young   -_-" I was getting sick of seeing this song being done for Princess Tutu because I felt it fitted Rue more. She loved Mytho but he loved Princess Tutu, yes t Author: Charming Facade

Neither could accept this and they both came out of the book. and the prince took out his heart and shattered it in order to seal the raven away. This worked, but it meant that the prince's heart scattered throughout the village, and that stories started to come to life.

Morning Grace - Ritsuko Okazaki [Princess Tutu - Opening]

Princess Tutu lasted for two seasons on Japanese television. The first season consisted of 13 minute episodes, while the second season consisted of 24 minute episodes.

See a recent post on from @aeromarch about princess-tutu. Discover more posts about princess-tutu Images on Princess Tutu Wiki. How to add your own image. To upload images, visit Special:Upload.; When uploading them, please add a description and category in the summary box. To add an image to this category, put [[Category:Images]] in that image article.; Add to a page by using the Gallery widget or by using the code [[|thumb|Caption]] Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Egg April 2, on pm | In Princess Tutu | 1 Comment "Shall we dance?" One could be forgiven for thinking that Princess Tutu is just another naked prepubescent girl show; indeed, to set up its conceit, its heroine has rather too few clothes in the second episode. Beyond that element, which is always covered tastefully enough, this is a pretty good

However, every pair of minute episodes tells one minute story. Additionally, there were also 3 specials, but I'm not sure if those were 30 minutes or 15 minutes each.

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If you know, please contact me. Main Characters Ahiru Rue Mytho Fakir.

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Princess Tutu follows Duck, a duck who was transformed into a young girl and takes ballet at a private school. She becomes enamoured of her mysterious schoolmate Mytho, and transforms into Princess Tutu to restore his shattered heart. Mytho's girlfriend Rue transforms into Princess Kraehe to frustrate Tutu's efforts, and Mytho's protective Waking. Ahiru woke slowly. The sun was warm on her body, gently waking her up like usual. Fakir always kept the curtains open during the night. Whether it was letting in the moonlight and starlight, or the bright sunshine in the morning, it always made the room look bigger and, he had thought, let in a little bit more of the nature Ahiru in her duck form might crave

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I suppose that makes him malevolent, or at the very least sinister. Like many good shows in the genre, Princess Tutu has ambiguous characters who grow into having clearly defined sides. The important cast members are kept to a minimum: four mains, two supporting, three supplementary, and a few guest characters.

It was fun and rewarding to track who was a bitch, who was an ally, and who was simply misunderstood from episode to episode.

It would be easy to misunderstand this series, naked girl show that it is.

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When all of the characters are in place, which takes a polite and reasonable amount of time, it really fires on all cylinders and offers an interesting program that you can care about for the most part. The Chapter of the Egg is actually the first thirteen episodes, presented as an almost self-contained season - albeit one followed one week later by another.

This is all part of the adventure of discovery, and this series is worthwhile despite its totally fraught international release. Comment by ngan - September 6, Powered by WordPress with Pool theme design by Borja Fernandez.

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