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If your child has precocious puberty, the doctor may refer you to a pediatric endocrinologist a doctor who specializes in growth and hormonal disorders in children for treatment.

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Sometimes, treatment of a related health problem can stop the precocious puberty. But in most cases, there's no other disease, so treatment usually involves hormone therapy to stop sexual development.

The currently approved hormone treatment is with drugs called LHRH analogs. These synthetic man-made hormones block the body's production of the sex hormones that cause early puberty. Positive results usually are seen within a year of starting treatment.

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LHRH analogs are generally safe and usually cause no side effects in kids. In girls, breast size may decrease.

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In boys, the penis and testicles may shrink back to the size expected for their age. Growth in height will also slow down to a rate expected for kids before puberty. A child's behavior usually becomes more age-appropriate too.

Give your child a simple, truthful explanation about what's happening. Explain that these changes are normal for older kids and teens, but that his or her body started developing a little too early. Keep your child informed about treatment and what to expect along the way. Also watch for signs that teasing or other problems may be affecting your child emotionally. Common warning signs to discuss with your doctor include:. How parents react can affect how well kids cope.

To promote a healthy body image and strong self-esteem :.

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The important thing is that doctors can treat precocious puberty. They can help kids keep their adult height potential and limit the emotional and social stress kids may face from maturing early. Find care at Nemours Children's Health Doctors Locations.

Mons pubis, pad of fatty tissue lying in front of the pubic symphysis. The mons pubis is a rounded eminence made by fatty tissue beneath the skin. In humans, it generally is more prominent in females than in males and provides protection over the junction where the pubic bones meet In girls, signs of precocious (prih-KOE-shiss) puberty include: breast development before age 7 or 8. start of menstruation (her period) before age rapid height growth (a growth spurt) before age 7 or 8. In boys, the signs of precocious puberty before 9 years of age include: enlargement of the testicles or penis Sacramento police have nabbed nearly 70 underage girls for child prostitution since 1 of 3. Police have nabbed nearly 70 girls under the age of 18 since Most of the girls were released

Reviewed by: Tal Grunwald, MD. Listen Play Stop Volume mp3 Settings Close Player. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size. Some deodorants come in a white stick that you can twist up. Lots of people put this on after showering or bathing before they put their clothes on.

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Otherwise, the white stick deodorants can leave white marks on your clothes. You can also choose a deodorant that's clear instead of white.

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If you find these products aren't working for you, talk with your doctor. An erection is what happens when your penis fills up with blood and hardens. The penis will become bigger and stand out from the body. Boys will start to notice erections occurring more often when they reach puberty.

Luke's Wings gives free airfare to wounded vets. Nancy Mace carries gun after death threats and vandalism. Kids expelled after parents question changes within an Ohio private school. Bagram Air Base a 'crown jewel,' could be in enemy hands soon: Gen. Keane. A man's frustrating attempt to connect with a few rowdy young girls, and his willingness to reach near masochistic levels to get laid. Plot Summary Well, girls get a head start on puberty - and growing taller - because they usually start these changes between the ages of 8 and Most boys, on the other hand, don't begin until between the ages of 9 and So that's why girls are often taller than boys during that time. Most boys may catch up - and even grow taller than girls

And they're perfectly normal. An erection can happen at any time. You can get many in one day or none at all.

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It depends on your age, sexual maturity, level of activity, and even the amount of sleep you get. An erection can happen even when you're sleeping.

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Sometimes you might wake up and your underwear or bed is wet. You may worry that this means you wet your bed like when you were little, but chances are you had a nocturnal emission, or "wet dream.

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Semen is released through the urethra - the same tube that urine pee comes out of. This is called ejaculation.

Wet dreams occur when a boy's body starts making more testosterone. This change for boys is little bit like when a girl gets her period.

It's a sign a boy is growing up and the body is preparing for the day in the future when a man might decide to be a father. Semen contains sperm, which can fertilize a woman's egg and begin the process that ends with a baby being born. Although some boys might feel embarrassed or even guilty about having wet dreams, a boy can't help it.


Almost all boys normally experience them at some time during puberty and even as adults. But if you ever have pain or a problem with your penis or testicles, it is important that someone take you to the doctor.

You may think "Man, I don't want to go to the doctor for that! It's a doctor's job to help you take care of your body - even that part.

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Find care at Nemours Children's Health Doctors Locations. Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts. Listen Play Stop Volume mp3 Settings Close Player. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size. en espanol Los varones y la pubertad. But how do boys know they are growing into men?

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Let's find out. Here are some of the questions boys have. Why Are Girls Taller Than Me? Page 1 When Will I Get Muscles? If your doctor recommends weightlifting, here are some tips: Have a qualified coach or trainer supervise you. It's smart to have somebody show you the proper way to lift weights.

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This will help you gain strength and prevent injury. Use lighter weights.

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Your coach or trainer can recommend the right amount. Lifting heavy weights can cause injuries and then you'll have to wait until you recover before you can work out again. Do repetitions. It's better to lift a smaller amount of weight a bunch of times than to try to lift a heavy weight once or twice. In the Victorian period, two children are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific. With no adults to guide them, the two make a simple life together, unaware that sexual maturity will eventually intervene.

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