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Girl And Dog Pitbull Terrier Big Dogs Inked Girls Mans Best Friend American Range Rover Girl Photos Dog Breeds. And most users seem to be enjoying the video, with one user commenting, "I? think pitbull is the luckiest man on the world. Check out some other music videos that got banned Bjork: Cocoon - Banned for full frontal nudity and a bizzarre scene in which red wires appear from the singers nipples.

The duo rage at a pool party packed with almost-naked girls-most of whom are either twerking or taking liquor shots to the face in bras and panties. Enrique spends most of the video huddled over It also features a naked girl drinking from a vodka bottle, and the vodka brand features heavily throughout the clip - leading to complaints that the product placement violates regulations about Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins - Put it on Me (Sexy Girl) (DJ CiFi Electro Remix)

A: Born Free - Banned as soon as it was released, Born Free features images of political controversey and violence. The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up - Controversial enough by name, the video featured drinking, drug taking and explicit sex scenes.

The Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen - The video was banned by the BBC for called the UK a facist regime.

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Duran Duran: Girls On Film - Suggestive enough by title, this video contains strong sexual referrencing and explict content. Lady Gaga: Alejando - The video was banned for explicit religous imagery.

Havana Brown - We Run The Night ft. Pitbull (Explicit)

Marilyn Manson: Coma White - Banned for recreating the assassination of John F. Kennedy and a released date that coincided with the Columbine High School Massacre. Queen: Body Language - Like most of the bands on the list, Queen just couldn't resist a bit of sexual imagery with this one. Justice: Stress - This video was banned for imagery of gang related violence.

Enrique Iglesias: Sad Eyes - The video to accompany one of Enrique's least popular songs was banned for mimicking a low budget porno film. Motley Crue: Girls Girls Girls - Set in a strip joint, the video for Girls Girls Girls was banned for sexual content and connotations.

Want a chance to win a free trip to Miami plus other great prizes?! Shazam Pitbull's track "Messin' Around" right now to enter for a chance to win! - http:// Feb 9, - Explore Justin Weinberger's board "Hot girls & pit bulls" on Pinterest. See more ideas about pitbulls, pitbull dog, girl and dog pins When Pitbull set out to find The Most Bad Ones - his elite group of sexy backup dancers that perform during his live concerts - he expected the girls to have

Madonna: Erotica - Never one to shy away from controversy, Madonna showed too much sexuality in this video. Eminem: Lose Yourself - With scenes taken for the film 8 Mile, the video to Lose Yourself was banned for scenes of violence and explicit lyrics.

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