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Apologise, can progressive flo hot are not

Progressive flo hot

She is so damned sexy, I would absolutely be all over that if I had the chance. I think it is a combo ov the voice and the fact that you have to really think about what her figure is like. She is a big tease with the apron and stuff, but I think she is probably smokin' under those clothes. I say she would lok great if she had on nothing but a big tricked out nametag!!!!

nice answer think

i'm with ya camp 2! i'd definitely be incarcerated for the things i'd do to that one alright. she's the "hottest girl in teh science club" chick from high school or hottest chick at church camp. now there's a crooked thought!

excellent answer

LOL Proud someone thinks a regular gal can be the hottest commercial girl, still i'd have to be tazered off that esurance erin! Flo just keeps getting hotter with each commercial. The advertising people know it, and that is why she is on TV. I would do anything to do the nasty with her. She is sexy as hell in an off beat way.

Flo is a fictional salesperson character appearing in more than advertisements for Progressive Insurance since Portrayed by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, the character has developed a fan base on social networks and has become an iconic advertising mascot

Personally I'm sad she's not staring in a porn flick. I definitely find her ubber HOT, and anytime the commercials are on I stop everything I'm doing to gawk and fantasize. So no dude, you're not alone in thinking she's a hottie.

In fact I found this blog of yours while Googling for pics of her. My friends thought I was insane when I mentioned she was hot.

She wears way too much makeup and I don't like her cloying, dippy personality. But mileage seems to very on this one, a lot. Starving_Artist November 24, , pm #2. Flo is hot! Not a great physique but cute as hell, with a personality to match. BrotherCadfael November 25, , am #3 Browse and comment on flo: nude!'s photos on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share Progressive Insurance Girl Flo PHOTOS! LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - PHOTOS. Stephanie Courtney's success as "Flo" the Progressive Insurance Girl makes men weak in the knees. Stephanie Courtney (pictures below) has been covered on LALATE since when the net started to first recognize the success of Courtney's character

Oh well, she has my vote regardless of their opinions! I'd love to see more pics of her!

knows it

Hell, I'm a girl and I think she is the cutest and most adorably sexy lady I've ever seen in a commercial. If they ever remove her from the commercials or switch her for another actress, I'd die a little inside. Camp two, baby. I am in camp 2 myself.

Progressive flo hot confirm

Every time I see Flo, I start fantasizing about ripping her clothes off and doing nasty things to her. Her hair, her voice, and sense of humor knock me for a loop.

She is sexy as hell!

OK, Flo. Stephanie Courtney, from the Progressive commercials. There is a raging debate in the Captain's social circles about whether she is hot or not. There are two adamant camps; Camp 1. Flo is a floosy dumbass bimbo etc. etc., makes men happy, blah blah blah, I hate her blah blah blah, stupid byatch blah blah blah, probably does what makes men Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins 39 rows Stephanie Courtney is an American actress and comedian, best known for playing the advertising character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation beginning in Courtney is also noted for her recurring roles on several television series, including the voices of Renee the Receptionist and Joy Peters on the Adult Swim comedy Tom Goes to the Mayor, Marge on The Progressive Insurance Girl Flo is about as hot as the insurance industry gets. Subscribe to LALATE on YouTube. It's baffling to some Flo's ability to make men go crazy (who hopefully have complete comprehensive coverage to cover any injury from going crazy) But in early , LALATE first profiled Flo, played by Stephanie churchinnorthgower.comted Reading Time: 3 mins

Camp 2, definitely. But I'm as likely to send money to that A-hole George "America is evil, we deserved Sept. She is da bomb! Big blue eyes with catwoman makeup, flipped do with headband,red lips and the "i'm here to serve you" attitude.

useful topic

oh yeah!! She is SO HOT!! would love to see a nude spread and maybe some arm tatoos.

Are right. progressive flo hot excellent

Full sleeves! Hell yeah!! Actally the progressive uniform would prob be a better fantasy. I'll do some comprehensive and collision! Ha and I thought it was just me.

I would never put her in any "hot" category, but there is definitely something about her that invokes impure thoughts. My name is Elgin James, I'm the former leader of one of the most well known crews that follow hardcore music. Oh man, I seriously thought I was the only one! I was just telling my room mate last night "You know what, Fuck it FLO IS HAWT!!! Oh well. I'd hit it!

apologise, but

Ok ok - camp 2. I've been surfing for more "pics" of here because she makes me nuts every time I see any of those damn commercials.

Even more progressive flo hot All above

Sooooo camp 2 here man, i'm with ya she's so phawkin hot, i'd do anything for that woman! Stephanie Courtney, is just absolutely freakin' HOT. Everything about her reeks of sensational hot vibes.

seems me, excellent

Sarah Palin runs a close second I think hot, but not so sure what it looks like in the morning. Than again, we'd make one hell of a pair. Progressive obviously picked her for a reason.

flo s. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Google LLC By Christina Huffington. When I think of iconic TV commercial characters, three come to mind: The GEICO Gecko, the Orbit Gum Girl and Flo from Progressive. Flo in particular is cool because unlike the ever-in-pink T-Mobile girl or always-beaming Orbit girl, she doesn't seem to be there just for decoration. Flo runs the show at the Progressive Playboy online asked it's subscribers to vote for who they would like to see as the December covergirl. The magazine hadn't even considered Stephanie Courtney, the comedian who portrays Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials, but an overwhelming write-in vote saw her take the lead just days before the voting closed

Shes bubbly, outrageous, and sexy beyond argument. I would marry her in a moments notice. My favorite woman on tv. I love these commercials.

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Progressive Insurance Commercial 2016 Stephanie Courtney Flotection

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Date of Birth? We all know Flothe white-garbed spokesbabe for Progressive Insurance.

Once progressive flo hot prompt reply

Is she hot or not? Personally, I find her repelling.

But mileage seems to very on this one, a lot. I think she might a fun person to hang out with for a while, but I suspect she would turn out to be very clingy and needy.

Plus, she would talk too damn much.

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