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There is a sudden crash; freeze frame of the man and the lemonade stand being smashed by the Equalizer.

Mayor: voice-over Take that, litterbug! Cut to a construction worker at an ATM. Worker: Finally, my first paycheck. Now I can pay all those bills! He turns to leave. Not to mention feed my family Another impact is heard.

Freeze frame of him being hit over the head by the Equalizer. The money flies everywhere.

Close-up of Ms. Bellum: Mayor, that guy was only making a withdrawal from his account! Quick pan to him, looking through the spyglass. Mayor: No time for small talk now!

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Cut to a boxing ring, where a fight is in progress. Black boxer: turning his head Who? Freeze frame of him taking an Equalizer blow to the head. Cut back to the Mayor and Ms.

Mayor: That'll keep you ruffians at bay! Bellum: Mayor, those people are paid to fight. Mayor: Ooh, look, more criming! He starts punching in all directions as Ms. Bellum tries to stop him, to no avail.

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Mayor: Take this! And some of this! And a little of that! And how about some of this? And maybe one of these? laughing maniacally Vile scum! Bellum: Mayor, those are tourists!

Oh, my gosh! Please visit again soon! Mayor, control yourself! Please stop! Narrator: Oh, no! The Mayor's gone stark raving mad! Where are the Powerpuff Girls when you need them?! Cut to a close-up of the hotline, completely silent. Pull back to show Blossom behind it in the girls' bedroom, looking down at it worriedly.

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You guys! On the end of this line, pan from her to the TV. Bubbles and Buttercup are playing a video game with the characters from Puppet Pals; all we see of them are the backs of their heads over their beanbag chairs. Clem is being hit repeatedly over the head by Mitch. Buttercup: So what? You know that the Mayor always calls when something is wrong.

Bubbles: to Buttercup Oh! Blossom flies into view and faces them. Blossom: But that's just it! The Mayor always calls, and he hasn't today. That's what's so weird. She returns to the phone. Cut to in front of Bubbles and Buttercup, still playing. Buttercup is clearly having the better game.

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Buttercup: Yeah, yeah. All I know is, I'm bonking up a new high score!

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Bubbles: Blossom's right. He does always call. She joins Blossom at the hotline.

Maybe we should call him. Blossom: I'll give it a try. She picks up the receiver, but gets a recording that startles her. Recording: We're sorry, the number you have reached has been disconnected. Please hang up and try again. Buttercup flies up between her sisters.

  The Powerpuff Girls Hot GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. CAPTION. M. masoncarr Share to iMessage. Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to . Share to Pinterest. Share to Copy link to clipboard. Copy embed to clipboard. Report. The Powerpuff Girls. hot. Hot Weather. Hot Af. summer. Hot As Hell. heat. Heat Wave. Share URL. Embed. Details File Size: KBDuration: Mayor: Ooh, I'll show her! (reaching for hotline) I'll have the Powerpuff Girls beat her up! (He picks up the receiver and flexes his fingers, but stops himself from pushing the button to dial them up. It is at this moment he realizes she is right. A disgruntled look comes into his eye as he hangs up. Long pause   Hope's here to save the day!Subscribe to the Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel: Visit the Cartoon Network UK Author: Cartoon Network UK

Buttercup: Come on, you worrywarts! You're ruining my concentration! Let's just fly to the Mayor's office and I'll prove everything's okay.

Buttercup: See? losing steam told you everything would be okay. Blossom and Bubbles glare at her for her belief that everything would be fine when it is clear it wasn't; she appears puzzled. Buttercup: What?

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Blossom: Something wrong has obviously happened here, and we're gonna find out! Cut to a city street; people are running in all directions and screaming. The girls fly into view, watching from the sky, then zoom down to stop a man. Blossom: WAIT! What's going on here? We're looking for the Mayor. Running man: panicky, terrified Looking for him?! We're running from him!

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He runs off. Blossom: Running from the Mayor? They look up o. and gasp; the camera points straight up to show the balloon descending. The Mayor is once again laughing insanely as his success in fighting crime. Mayor: This town is clean! Side view of the balloon; the girls fly up to confront him. Blossom: Mayor! What in blazes are you doing?! Bellum: Girls!

This is my parade! Now get back!

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He starts trying to hit the girls with the Equalizer. Close-up of Blossom, dodging punches. you doing?!

Powerpuff girls hot

Close-up of the Mayor. He launches another punch; the camera follows the glove as the girls dodge it. It smashes through a hangar window and enters a military command post, finally slamming into a big red button labeled "THE BUTTON. Outside, a missile launcher rotates into position, and its tubes open up.

Cut to inside the post again.

Now a high-ranking official is in the foreground, and a junior officer is farther back. The main readout screen displays the message "MISSILES LAUNCHING.

Four missiles roar into the sky, with the girls in hot pursuit. Buttercup catches up to one and tears its fuselage away, and the innards fall out of the sky. Bubbles uses her ultrasonic scream against another; it turns tail and runs, disappearing into the sky. Blossom, yelling like a cowboy, is riding a third as if it were a bucking bronco. She turns it away from Townsville and steers it into the water. The last one continues unchecked towards the city.

Close-up of the Mayor and Ms. Bellum: Mayor, that last missile is about to destroy Townsville!

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Mayor: This looks like a job for He rummages around, and then unleashes what he found the Equalizer! Pull back on the end of this line to show the glove sailing over the landscape.

Quick shots of terrified townspeople as the missile descend on them. Cut to a dog sitting in the park. Narrator: Run, pooch, run! Oh, I can't bear to watch! Close-up of the dog. The sound of the girls flying in is heard, then a loud clang. Pull back quickly to show them holding the missile just above ground level.

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  Hot Dog is a song from Insect Inside. Man: Hmm, looks good, I'd like to buy a Hmm, it should, it's made from beef and, my pal, here's your dog, enjoy!Man: Oh, I shall, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is the first song that was sung in the PPG series if you don't count the theme Duration: 1 min Hot Air Buffoon: The Mayor tries to save Townsville after being criticized by the nighttime cleaning staff woman that he just sits there and do nothing. He then causes destruction which the girls have to quickly find him before he inadvertently destroys the city in a hot air balloon The Powerpuff Girls Hot Dad. View All Credits 1 1. These Powerpuff Girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup Enhanced via Chemical X Super powers, but no

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Play Sound. Bellum, who was coming in early to start cleaning. The maid tells the Mayor that he isn't doing anything to help Townsville and that it's the Powerpuff Girls who are doing all the work. Soon after she notes that she did not vote for him, he becomes enraged and decides to call the Powerpuff Girls and have them beat her up, but then he realizes that she's right and trashes his office.

  The girls decided to play a game called Hot Potato but they needed more than 3 players so they invited Bell,Bunny,and Bliss and they went to play when the ga Author: Levi Bryant 2

The next day, Ms. Bellum notices his office in shambles and confirms that he is okay. The mayor says no and introduces Ms. Bellum to a hot air balloon that he will use to fight crime.

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Afterward, he flies in it with her, explaining that he will take a more proactive approach to watch the city by looking over Townsville and stopping criminals with his extended punching glove, the "Equalizer.

Even Ms. Bellum is impressed by this.

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However, things start to go astray when the Mayor gets mad with his effectiveness; he punches a man who accidentally littered, and then he starts attacking people who weren't committing any crimes such as a man withdrawing money out of the ATM and two boxers in a contest, much to Ms. Bellum's horror. She tries to explain it to him that he is hurting innocent citizens, but the Mayor doesn't budge and continues with his approach. Meanwhile, Blossom notices that the Mayor hasn't called them the entire day and becomes concerned; she is not even able to dial him directly on the hotline phone.

As Buttercup and Bubbles play video games, Buttercup assures them that nothing is wrong, but when all three of them fly to the Mayor's office, they see that it is in ruins because of his outburst earlier. They later fly into town and see everyone running away.

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One of the Townsville residents informs them that they're running away from the Mayor himself. When they try to confront the Mayor about the situation, he tries to punch them with his weapon but misses them.

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Instead, his Equalizer ends up hitting a button, launching four missiles from a control tower that is near the town. It then becomes the girls' mission to do what they can and intercept the missiles before impact: Buttercup strips away one of the missiles to disable it, Bubbles uses a sonic attack to jam its flight patterns, and Blossom diverts one of the missiles towards the nearby sea.

The fourth missile, however, continues towards Townsville with the Mayor using the Equalizer in an effort to defuse it. Though the girls are able to stop the last one as they did the others, the Equalizer punches it and detonates it, destroying the area. With the town in ruins, the girls reassure him that despite his passive efforts, the Mayor helps to save Townsville by calling them to at least inform them of serious happenings.

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