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Schiele was arrested in April on suspicion of showing erotic drawings to young children who posed for him, of touching the children while he drew them and of kidnapping one of the young girls who frequented his studio. Some of the charges were dropped and he spent three days in jail. A year earlier he produced the work entitled Standing Nude Young Girl 2.

Balthus had been earning money with his portraiture, mainly of older society women, and he was very discontented with this. In October Balthus moves to a new and larger studio at 3 cour de Rohan. Just three blocks away was the rue de Seine and it was at No.

When Balthus first caught sight of Therese she was just eleven years of age and having approached the family Therese agreed to model for him. She was not a beautiful girl but she appealed to Balthus. The first painting Balthus completed of Therese Blanchard was in and was simply entitled Therese. Balthus would go on to use her as a model more than any other person. In this work, Balthus has captured her moody and serious look and it was that ct of her that attracted Balthus to his young model.

Her dark dress seems to go hand in hand with her mood and it is just the bright red piping on the collar of the dress which manages to liven up the portrait.

In that same year Balthus completed a painting of Therese and Hubert entitled Brother and Sister. Their clothes are very plain. Hubert seems to be wearing the attire of a schoolboy whilst his sister is wearing a simple plaid skirt and a red sweater with a green collar. In the two Blanchard siblings appear in a painting by Balthus entitled The Blanchard Children.

Therese is now twelve years old and her brother is fourteen years of age. It is a very stark depiction.

This was not an oversight by Balthus but his belief that the starkness would intensify the dramatic effect of the picture. If we look under the table, we can see a bag of coal sat in the corner. Why would Balthus add this? The answer maybe that Balthus, whilst living in Germany, remembered what happened on the eve of the Feast of St Nicholas on December 5 th when children put their shoes out in the hopes of some sweets in the morning.

The story goes that, St. Nicholas does not travel on his own but with his companion, Black Peter, who places coal in the shoes of the children who had been naughty!

The illustration relates to Heathcliffe, partly kneeling on the chair, turning towards Cathy who is on her hands and knees partly under the table, writing her diary. The first controversial painting Balthus did with Therese as his model was completed in and entitled Therese with Cat.

It was a small work measuring 88 x 77cms 34 x 31 in. Here once again we see the un-smiling Therese seeming to look at something behind us.

She looks slightly dishevelled with one sock down to her ankle and one sleeve pushed up her arm. The red and the turquoise colour of her clothes stand out against the dark background. Her left leg is raised and her foot rests on a stool and this pose means that her white underpants are visible to the viewer. She has been asked to pose in a certain way and by the look of her expression she is well aware of how the artist looks at her. A large cat lies on the floor next to Therese.

It appears to be the same cat that appeared with Balthus in the painting King of the Cats see previous blog.

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The painting is now housed in The Art Institute of Chicago. One of his best known works is one he started just before the onset of World War II but was not completed until March It was entitled The Victim. It was one of his largest paintings measuring x cms 52 x 86in and it was because of that size of it that he had to leave it in his Paris studio when he and his wife, Antoinette, at the onset of war, moved to Champrovent in Savoie which had not been occupied by the Germans.

We see a life-sized ashen body of a naked woman lying on a white sheet which covers a low bedstead. Is she merely asleep or is she dead?

Does the title answer the question? His book La Scene capitale contained two novellas, La Victime and Dans les annees profondes.

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Below the bedstead and in the right foreground of the painting we can just make out a knife lying on the dark floor, the blade of which points directly to her heart. Was she strangled?

Another question is, who sat for this painting and the answer is in some doubt.

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The shape of the girls face and the cut of her hair leads many to believe it is Therese Blanchard, the only doubt being that she had never before posed nude for Balthus. A year later Balthus completed Therese Dreaminganother but similar painting to to Therese and the Catagain featuring the now thirteen year old Therese.

The setting is once again his studio and we see her sitting before us in a similar pose. This is a much bigger painting, measuring x cms 59 x 51 in. This time he added a striped wallpaper which did not exist in his studio as a background and this time we can see the additional still life of a vase and a canister on a table.

The cat is once again part of the picture and we see it at the side of Therese lapping up some of its milk. In the previous painting Therese was looking almost towards us but in this painting but in this work she has looked away, with her eyes closed, as if enjoying a daydream. As Sabine Rewald wrote in her book Balthus Cats and Girls :.

Her white lace-trimmed slip surrounds her legs like a paper cornucopia wrapped around a bunch of flowers. Since the painting has been housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection. By far the most controversial and notorious painting by Balthus was one he completed in entitled The Guitar Lesson. It is a merging of sex and violence which shocked those who saw it.

It is an encounter between a dominating and tyrannical women, who is the music teacher, in her early twenties, and a young girl, her student, thought to be about twelve years old. The music lesson has been halted. A guitar lies on the floor and the woman has thrown the girl across her lap and pulled her black dress up over her waist.

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It is as if the teacher is strumming a human guitar. The girl lies there, naked from her navel to her knees.

The lower parts of her legs are covered by white socks. Her nipple juts out which indicates to us that the teacher is sexually aroused by what she is doing.

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The positioning of the girl lying across the thighs of the teacher has often been likened to the painting Balthus must have seen in the Louvre, Pieta of Villeneuve-les-Avignon by Enguerrand Quarton.

The girl who posed for The Guitar Lesson was Laurence Bataille, the daughter of a concierge. The striped wallpaper background and the grey dress of the music teacher were the same as we see in Baladine Klossowski portrait by her older brother Eugen Spiro. The provenance of the painting is quite interesting. It was bought by James Thrall Soby, an American author, critic and patron of the arts, in Soby realised that there was no point in owning a painting that could never be exhibited and so, inhe exchanged it with the Chilean surrealist artist, Roberto Matta Echaurren, for one of his paintings.

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Pierre Matisse, the youngest child of Henri Matisse owned a gallery in New York and the painting remained hidden away in the vaults. It was a sensation and the press reviews referred to the painting and the art critics of the various newspapers and magazines wrote about it but said that they could not show the painting as it would shock the readers.

After the one month long show it was never exhibited again. It was accepted by the museum but it was not put on show instead it was kept hidden away for five years in the basement. Zie afbeelding. Het is altijd goed een actueel fenomeen, al zeker de strijd van je volk, in historisch perspectief te plaatsen en te duiden iets waar Churchill goed in was, en een vaardigheid waarmee hij zijn volk door de oorlog tegen Nazi-Duitsland heeft begeleid en moed gegeven.

De naakte tiet als strijdbaar symbool van een vrouw die in feite in zekere zin "gemaakt is" om veel zachtere, voedende en contact-daden te stellen, komt ook voor in enkele van de meest beroemde schilderijen uit revolutionaire tijden in Frankrijk.

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De iconische vrouw die symbool staat voor deze natie, ook op de koperen eurocent muntjes trouwens, is op deze wijze afgebeeld, als voorganger in de strijd op de barricaden. We kunnen vanalles voelen bij dit beeld uit Terkameren, maar laat er ook maar eerbied, begrip en ontzag bij zijn We zijn getuige van een gebruik met lange traditie. Wanneer hun eigen mannen ontmoedigd en gewond afdropen en de terugtocht wilden aanvatten, kwamen zij tevoorschijn en toonden zij hun borsten.

In dit geval om hun mannen nieuwe moed te geven.

Door hen te herinneren, dat is mijn interpretatie, aan de momenten van familiaal liefdesgeluk en erotische intimiteit. Tegelijk is er in de literatuur blijkbaar een traditie genoteerd waarbij vrouwen aan het front de borsten of de venusdriehoek ontbloten om de vijandige soldaten bang te maken en in verwarring te brengen.

Het unieke en allicht vanuit diepe lagen van het bewustzijn stammende strategische, tactische gedrag staat bekend onder de naam anasyrma. Dit gebaar stond in de oude tijden in verband met zowel wulpse grappen, erotiek als met bepaalde religieuze rituelen.

De anasyrma in de oorlog verschilt van deze in de sfeer van de erotiek: de vrouw die handelt doet het voor het effect op de andere, niet voor het persoonlijke genot, merkt de vakliteratuur nog op. Ecologisten is overigens bekend dat deze aanpak in kringen van natuurbeschermers ook in onze tijd wel eerder is in stelling gebracht.

Dit slotwoord verwijst naar de Most Noble Order of the Garter, de Orde van de Kousenband, die in is ingesteld als oudste van Europa, zij is tot op vandaag nauwelijks meer dan duizend keer uitgereikt. De geschiedenis van het beroemde motto, 'Honi soit qui mal y pense" - "Schande over wie er kwaad van denkt! NB Deze geillustreerde Blog is vijf uur na het schrijven meer dan duizend keer, en na 13 uur keer gelezen en bekeken.

Dat is een absoluut record sinds ik zowat vijftien jaar geleden op dit forum begon te schrijven over de actualiteit en "alles wat mensen raakt, groot en klein".

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When we finished, I asked the photographer, if I could post one of the photos on flickr today. He allowed me to use the test shots. Explore Trending Events More More.

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