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A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian kourtneykardash.

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If you can't see it, take a look at Kourtney's left leg. Her left thigh has completely disappeared and it seems so weirdly placed, much longer than her right leg. It looks just completely detached from her body, like it belongs to someone else. So, I guess now we know that Poosh isn't a photoshop company, but it's still unclear what Kourt's new project will take on, and how long we will have to wait -and how many weirdly sexy promo pics we will have to see-before we find out.

Everyone loves a good photoshop conspiracy theory, and this one is MAJOR. People are accusing the Kardashians of paying paparazzi to photoshop images before they even get to the photo agencies for distribution. It sounds kind of crazy. I mean, when have celebs ever worked with the paps? Usually the two sides have a pretty contentious relationship.

But hey, the Kardashians love nothing more then a well photoshopped pic so I could kind of see it happening Insta account fakegirlsfvckya brought one particular incident to our attention, showing a pic of Kim at Nobu in a super cool denim on denim look:. The pic on the left is a pap shot, while the one on the right is a fan photo.

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Though Kim looks gorg in both, it does seem like Kim's waist and hips have been edited in the pic on the left, possibly proving that the photographer took to photoshop before distributing the pic. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the KarJenners were slipping the pap some cash for some slight retouching. She turned them off after fans called her out hard for an alleged photoshop fail on a recent pic.

The photo features Khloe in a skintight sparkly jumpsuit, and she is looking great, except for the fact that something seems a bit off Fans were quick to point out that Khloe's proportions didn't look right. Namely, her head looks way too big, and her thighs look very small. Obviously, people went off in the comments.

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While you can still comment on that pic, she has since turned off commenting on her more recent photos, but that doesn't mean people will stop noticing when if she potentially gets a little too heavy handed with the editing tool.

While this Insta of Khloe is absolutely gorgeous, fans were quick to point out something funky is going on with her left thumb in the photo. It's unclear what exactly that is. At first glance, it looks almost like a black line running down her finger. It could just be a shadow, but some are speculating it's a photoshop fail, because it kind of looks like Khloe has two thumbs.

You have to look really closely, but when you see it, you can't unsee it. Fans were not happy when it seemed like Kim took her editing tool to North's body, making her seem slimmer in a vacation pic.

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Instagram account fakegirlsfvck pointed out the photo Kim Instagrammed, comparing it to the original paparazzi pic. While there was definitely a sepia-like filter added to Kim's pic, it also seemed like North's head shrunk, as well as her waistline. Of course, fans were not happy, saying photoshopping a five-year-old is too far.

Do you think Kim photoshopped North in the pic? Decide for yourself. But then, when the hairstylist from the shoot posted the same photo, fans noticed that her eyes looked a lot darker in Chris' shot, in fact they look dark in every other photo of Kim ever taken. When looking at the images side by side, the difference is outstanding. Kim very obviously lightened her brown eyes in the photo she posted. The last thing people would expect Kim Kardashian to do is make her butt look smaller in a photo, but that's what it looks like happened in a campaign promoting KKW Beauty.

Fans are accusing Kim of photoshopping her butt, which looks much smaller than usual in the ad. It could simply be the angle or the lighting, but that butt does not look like it belongs to belfie star Kim K. OK, let's dive in. Here's a pic of all of your fave sisters and Krispromoting the newest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Notice anything weird? Of course, aside from the fact that apparently everyone was told to wear black, except Kim.

Or maybe, she just decided not to play by the rules because she is the star of the show anyway. In case you couldn't tell what was off with that pic, check out this one of just the three oldest sisters where the photoshop fail is really obvious. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney all look the same height! Or, at least around the same height. In reality though, Kim and Kourtney are MUCH shorter than Khloe.

Kim stands at 5-foot, 3-inches, Kourtney is 5'1" and Khloe is 5'10". And it's not even like the heels make a difference because all three of the sisters are sporting them.

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For reference, here's what Kim, Khloe, and Kourt actually look like standing next to each other. But one of the images from the campaign left a lot of people confused. There it is! Look at Kourt's right arm or lack thereof.

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What is going on here? Is it the lighting?

Tensen-NyanNyan: Gekigyouban [????~???~] Game Sample - Playstation

Or is it the editing? Whatever it is, Kourtney's freakishly long wrist DOES NOT look right.

This super sexy pic of Kendall may be too good to be true. If you take a look at the wall to her left, there's a bit of a wave to it, meaning she prob slimmed herself down digitally before posting the pic.

Also, what's going on on the right side of this pic?

Walls do not bend at that angle. A post shared by Kendall kendalljenner. But KJ isn't the only one who has been caught in pics with bendy walls.

almost same

Khloe was called out for the same reason, though she was widening her leg, not slimming it down. Turns out Khloe's right leg is 1. This isn't the first time she has used photoshop to correct the problem.

Of course, Kim has been caught with weirdly wavy backgrounds too. Her's came when she got together with Blac Chyna to take the belfie to end all belfies. Fans were quick to point out the wavy tiles next to Kim's thigh, suggesting she slimmed her legs down a bit. That's not the only time Kim has been called out for bending the unbendable. It happened again when she posted this mirror selfie.

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Take a look at the door frame next to her right thigh. Even Mama Kris got in on the action.

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When she posted this photo showing off a new weight loss tea many were quick to point out the wonky wood below her arm. A post shared by Kris Jenner krisjenner. It's not only people who get slimmed down in the Kardashian's pics. When Kim attended the March 4 Our Lives she posted many photos of the event on Instagram, including a pic of her walking in a parking lot.

It was in this pic that fans noticed that something was really off. Look at that "car" on the right if you can even call it a car, I mean, what even is that thing? It doesn't seem like the rest of the pic is edited at all, but then why does that car look so funky?!

A few months before Khloe announced her pregnancy, she posted this photo with Tristan Thompson on Instagram. Fans were quick to point out that Tristan's hand looks weirdly blurry and it seemed like Khloe slimmed down her stomach. We now know she was probably trying to erase any signs of her bump before she was ready to tell the world.

  The comments continue in the theme of "these girls are so photoshopped they're unrecognizable." One user noted that Kylie left her scar in the shot, possibly in   direct Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Nipples Exist Mod (v4 improved) [1K textures] 1 2 3. By TheRadziu, September 9, uncensor. shinovi versus. (and 6 more) Tagged with: uncensor PS3 themes. Skycraper Theme PS3 kinderk36Pol 13 1 Assassins Creed PS3 Theme kid 9 6 Lara Croft Reborn Dynamic PS3 Theme 1 DaniOcampo 11 14 Lara Croft Reborn Dynamic PS3 Theme 2 DaniOcampo 9 0 Lara Croft Reborn Dynamic PS3 Theme 3 DaniOcampo 19 5 Theme PS3 - NFSMW SonyIV 9 3 Christmas - PS3 Theme yorksensation 7 0 The Simpsons

Kourtney's wrist wasn't the only casualty of the Calvin Klein photoshoots, in an earlier campaign, Kylie seems to be missing a leg. And before you say it, no, it's not folded under her body, because then we would be able to see her foot popping out on the left. And it's not stretched out behind her sisters, because we would be able to see it in the gap between Khloe and Kim.

It's simply not there. While Kylie is known for her butt, it was pretty obvious she enlarged her rear in this post for Fashion Nova. Not only do the pockets look extremely elongated, but so does the back belt loop. Kylie should now her butt is enviable and she never has to enlarge it!

PS4 themes to transform your PlayStation 4 dashboard. Check out the latest and best images and download them onto your console Nude art photoshooting backstage video of five girls in Kazan. Part II. In the video shows examples of working with constant and pulsed light. Also in the vi   Jujutsu Kaisen (Slideshow) by PS3 Themes December 15, December 15, 1. Theme by Zadkiel. (more) Gaming / Slideshow Themes

Carolyn Twersky is the Editorial Fellow at Seventeen. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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Bulbatron22 July 23, at pm PDT. Any chance of getting the Resident Evil Remaster theme that I believe some other regions got? supvic July 24, at am PDT. MaxDiehard July 24, at am PDT. TheNarrator July 23, at pm PDT. nice, thanks for giving us a full list of them, tis useful : a request!

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xXBurakkunaitoXx July 23, at pm PDT. When are we getting Avatars on PS4? Not enough Toro themes. Mankind needs more Toro! Basket21 July 23, at pm PDT. Instead of a list. i would actually prefer a preview of the theme. Ryusennin July 23, at pm PDT. No preview, no buy. Most of them are mediocre anyway. MoistGeorge July 23, at pm PDT. thewanderer34 July 23, at pm PDT. Would love to see these themes being released in the future: - The Last Guardian - Pixels is a Sony Pictures property and Sony owns it - FIFA Football teams - Horizon - DC Comics themes - MARVEL themes - Star Wars Battlefield - HyperDimension Neptunia - Persona 5 - Uncharted As well as being able to use our own wallpapers.

Yeah JP has a Neptunia theme, bring it over! thewanderer34 But we got themes based off Warner Bros.

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Viryu July 23, at pm PDT. Shame, I thought it could have been a Civilization theme. I just want to use my own background image, customisation is so half-arsed compared to PS3 Log in to Reply. RodrigoSharingan July 23, at pm PDT. And i cant even belive that for some reason we have like 15 themes of MLB that nobody cares about I just wished there were more free good themes, but we are in Europe, so : Log in to Reply.

madmanwithabox12 July 23, at pm PDT. Dat phantom reply tho Log in to Reply. CaptainWitwicky July 23, at pm PDT. nulenvoid July 24, at am PDT. I want the Theme from Shaft. Andre-Veelt July 23, at pm PDT. Lijon July 23, at pm PDT. Let us put or own wallpapers on PS4!!! BensNotWriting July 23, at pm PDT. You all know which theme we need.

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TrinstUK July 23, at pm PDT. jamie-sixtyfour July 23, at pm PDT. So many of the themes are poorly done. jamie-sixtyfour July 24, at pm PDT. Harrisown July 23, at pm PDT. Lucreto July 23, at pm PDT. ocelot07 July 23, at pm PDT. You forgot to mention the free Dishonored theme that went up on Wednesday I believe.

StevenJamesHyde July 23, at pm PDT. DEKOWOLF July 23, at pm PDT. Deicides July 24, at am PDT. BankeA July 24, at am PDT. XSpike July 24, at am PDT. hey hey, Love themes I really do. Psychonaut July 24, at am PDT. artem July 24, at am PDT. Many thanks for Paper Sculpture, very beautiful and usable theme!

  Here are some all new themes you can download and install on your PS3 consoles. There are a bunch so pick what fits you best. To view the entire gallery of themes go here. Upload a theme Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Nanase Haruka PSP Theme sakurablossom 13 Project Diva Psp Theme. HaruDelRey 53 3 psp theme iphone bootleg chrisfurguson 9 4 psp theme flamin skull chrisfurguson 1 0 psp theme get money chrisfurguson 6 2 Little Big Planet 2 PSP Theme DRSpaceman 35 8   Create new layer and add this detail between to ovals on girls hand and delete all unnecessary details. You can see that on girls habd is curve, so to add this details in right place, use Transform option Warp. To girls robot hand we can also add smoke as on girls stomach. To do that, repeat Step 8. 13

evilfangs July 24, at pm PDT. Any help? Apnomis July 27, at am PDT. TheBeanPole July 24, at pm PDT. Dave-The-Rave July 24, at pm PDT. Goodacre July 24, at pm PDT. MikeCDorsey July 24, at pm PDT. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Trending Stories. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 Adam Michel Senior Manager of Game Services Content, SIE.

New Indie reveals and ates take the spotlight Posted in: Announcement Shuhei Yoshida Head of PlayStation Indies, SIE. An in-depth look into the mysterious, futuristic world of Stray Posted in: MEOW Swann Martin-Raget Producer, BlueTwelve Studio.

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