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You need a better monitor R1. Can't you see him pushing back that foreskin? He's uncut. THANK GOD! You queens act like you don't have penises. That's about 2. I'd say that cock is about 7. Not monstrous for his height, but definitely hardy. There was nothing to worry about R1. His family is educated, and he is Episcopal, so they get it when it comes to hygene and all.

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The story was that Diana made a big stink about her sons not being circumcised as was the royal traditionbut he sure looks cut to me, even if the stance suggests he's accustomed to someone else holding it while he whizzers. Nothing is more moronic than a discussion about a celebrity's cock. You get the the wackadoodle anti-circumcision loons, the pre-adolescent-brained foreskin-hating queens, and the micropenised pushy uberbottoms with anuses so gaping it makes the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah look like a pothole who think anything smaller than a telephone pole is "tinymeat.

Er, unless you know them personally you can't know that. The only way we were ever going to find out is if they reveal it, or if photos come to light. The anti-circumcision troll who shows up in every thread concerning penises freaks me out.

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He sounds deranged. R35, according to the link above, the video will be posted later.

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For now the website is only showing screenshots. Rather than going by reports of what Diana did which are contradictorylet's determine what we can actually SEE in the photos. r38, I was about to scream cut, but if you look closely, he's pulling the skin away from the tip to pee.

I'm surprised this thread doesn't have several hundred replies. The future King of England's cock is on display and you bitches hardly have anything to say.

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R44, if you type "Prince William peeing" into google you will get quite a few websites that are talking about it. size queens are lame. I have a healthy 7. remember he is flaccid there. And it looks on the thick side. His cock is definitely an acceptable size. I don't understand why every single celeb cock is called small.

R51, its because size queens generally never get any cock in real life and live in a gay porn dream world.

Also guys wearing long sweaters that they need to hold so as not to pee on them, like William in this photo. In this one in particular it looks like the skin is almost completing covering the head with only the tip peaking out:. Hey R55 CanadianGay I'm uncut too, but you my friend, have solved the mystery. William is definitely uncut. Thanks for pointing out his foreskin in your link photo. That pic sure does show the royal prepuce covering the head of his dick!

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There were pics of Harry taking a leak at a polo match a few years back. Hasn't anyone told these boys not to pee in public? As people have commented all over the web, he has his own unique method of holding his cock to pee.

The fact that DL only has a total of 60 posts in a thread about this, and it isn't even bumped to the first page, and the fact that Perez Hilton only has it ranked as the third top read story this week, says that William is nothing to the public.

Anyone else, this shit would have had 2 billion threads, and would have been the top story all over the web.

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Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy's nude photos got more publicity. its uncut.

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and for being a flaccid penis taking a piss, it looks like he could be a good size. and yeah he lost his looks, but maybe he's charming, like his father was back in his day. prince charles was always fug, but he could charm the panties off anyone.

m sure I've seen full frontal pictures of his father when younger on the web;; William is much nicer. Actually, R75, some people did wonder when it first appeared that it might be photoshopped.

  Once upon a time, in a far away land called England, a young Prince decided to play for the university water polo team and donned a Speedo that was abnormally high up on his churchinnorthgower.comted Reading Time: 2 mins   Sun journalist who witnessed Prince Harry's exploits first-hand recalls time he was offered snap of Prince William's penis while royal pair were trekking in South AfricaEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins Britain's Prince Harry carries a teddy bear he was given as he greets well-wishers on the street outside Windsor Castle in Windsor on May 18, , the eve of Prince Harry's royal wedding to US actress Meghan Markle. Britain's Prince Harry (R) and his best man Prince William 40 pins

You do realize that celeb nudes on the net are often faked, right? Prince William must be rather embarrassed over his dick being flashed around the world.

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It's rather humiliating to be photographed like that when no doubt he probably had to piss very badly. I don't think he would have put himself in such a compromising position unless he just couldn't hold it any longer. And being uncircumcised myself, I'm quite pleased by R55's expert reporting and examination of the photo that clearly shows William's foreskin.

Good going.

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Now we know. And now could we have a look at Harry's uncut dick too?

And it's not hard to see this royal prince is armed with a seriously impressive sword. Really, just look at the size of his insane bulge. Citations: Stop Everything and Look at Prince Harry's Author: Kaylin Pound   One of Prince William's classic looks is his navy suit, but he's also no stranger to the classic black and white tux with a bow tie look. It's a safe bet for any formal occasion, and the young prince has been captured in different versions of that look time and time again   Prince William is a stud. He may be king someday and is definitely dating Kate Middleton. More Full Name Prince WilliamEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Do you think the reason Prince William is out of the country right now is because the Palace wanted this to blow over? Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

  Prince William must be rather embarrassed over his dick being flashed around the world. It's rather humiliating to be photographed like that when no doubt he probably had to piss very badly. I don't think he would have put himself in such a compromising position unless he just couldn't hold it   Home Uncategorized Prince William's Penis!!!! CLICK HERE to see the royal cock. It's real! The heir to the British throne was secretly snapped by the paps taking a leak at a polo match Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs   Dick and Angel Strawbridge's home: The Escape to the Chateau stars shared a photo of the garden at their house, Chateau De La Motte Husson in France Prince Harry and William

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! search By Date, OP only, Subject only.

Prince William''s Cock NSFW Finally, we get to see His Royal Manhood. And if you are into watersports, you get a splash of that as well.

Obviously, wait until you get home to see it.

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He looks cut. Thank God. Now, let's see Harry's. Prince tinymeat.

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No wonder the best he can do is Kate Middleton. He wouldn't be holding it like that if he were cut. Prince William of Tinymeat. I believe that she is due for a re-titling to Princess William of Minutia. The royal wee. All I know is he's going bald and getting ugly, right quick, just like his dad. He looks like he's massaging a clitoris.

Prince william dick

R1, go burn in hell, you bigot. Get a fucking clue, you moron. Those pics look photoshopped. You all are dreaming. Major Royal Noodle Sighting! IT'S SOFT PEOPLE! IT LOOKS LIKE A 7 INCH TO 8 INCH DICK HARD.

And it was probably cold outside. He's dreamy, even older, balder and bulkier.

Prince Harry applauds competitors taking part in the recumbent cycling race R Prince Harry, arrived at High Park to watch the recumbent cycling race, wearing his favourite ?70 navy Dockers this afternoon for the third day running in Toronto, Canada on September 27, Prince Harry was keen to lend his support to competitors in the recumbent cycling at the Invictus Games in Toronto Prince Harry has been making his way around the city attending as many events as possible.

Prince Harry.

apologise, but

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