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3 Hook Thick Strap Latex Double Belt Vest. $ $ or 4 installments of $ by Afterpay. Clear. Sale. Add to wishlist. In stock. 4 Hook Adjustable Thick Strap Latex Cotton Blend Vest. $ $ Inside, there are pictures everywhere of the Liars standing in front of Alison's empty grave. And in the final scene reminiscent of the pilot, the girls all get a threatening text message. Next time: A is still a threat and the Liars try to deal with it. So, like, a normal day in Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars S03 E02 - Blood is the New Black Followers, Following, 87 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @pretty_girl_wasted_

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Marines Pretty Little LiarsSeason 3TV a pedo-lationship is like a relationship but illegalsomeone call the police- JUST KIDDING. Previously : Mona was A. Lorraine: The episode starts looking out at a shed, in a shot very similar to the Pilot.

Have we ever once seen Aria take a picture? Sweeney: I feel you, girl. Except, you know, I actually took all those jobs where I worked for free.

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I gotta talk hair. We always have to talk pretty. You go girls!

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Lor: Emily pours some more alcohol into her drink and Aria warns her that they are already pretty strong. A couple of things about that: a - being short is really cool because it saves you money on drinks and gives you an awesome excuse to be a lightweight.

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b - Shay Mitchell is giving really good buzzed face right now. Sweeney: And here I thought Hanna had been shaping up to be the resident alcoholic Liar! Sneak attack by Emily.

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Or maybe living in Rosewood means eventually becoming an alcoholic. The Liars get synchronized text messages and Spencer reads it aloud: Show us your boobs. Hanna breaks the tension by welcoming Emily back home. The rain keeps falling outside and the girls keep drinking. Sweeney: I felt real awkward when that happened because I totes forgot about that too. Sorry, Maya. Sara : Totally understandable.

Maya was a snoozefest, sorrynotsorry. They need to deadbolt that thing.

Hanna and Aria wake up to find Emily and Spencer missing. Spencer comes down stairs and in another pilot mirror, she says that Emily is gone.

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We cut to Emily, standing in some dramatic wind. After the credits, all of the Liars are looking at the empty grave.

Emily has a seat next to a gravestone and Hanna tends to her. Spencer quickly figures out that this is all a set-up, and they are standing near or around a shovel right nowwhich makes them practically murderers.

A twig snaps in the background, Spencer grabs the shovel and rushes the Liars away.

Sara : GIRLS. Emily says that Garrett killed Maya too, but if we know why they think that, I forgot, or I missed it.

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Spencer thinks someone else is helping Garrett. Lor: Hanna and Aria are driving when Hanna spots Lucas walking out to his car late at night. I guess.

Hastings House. The girls reunite. That next morning, the Liars all sit around the lake house when a phone call interrupts the silence. OMG SO SHOCKED.

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WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY? Spencer reports back to her friends that the police have no leads. They exhale. Emily blames herself for being so wasted she was lead out of a house and staged next to an open grave. That is pretty wasted.

S : Seriously. Aria says they still have time to go to the cops, and though Garrett is officially off the force, I still feel justified saying: LOL. Hanna prompts Emily who says she understands. After a Not Commercial Break, Aria startles awake. They did, but apparently they are back.

I feel like this is just a giant metaphor for how we took a little break between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3. And now the nightmare that is Ezria is back.

Sweeney: SAME THOUGHT. I was similarly startled by the horrifying sight of her napping on her Pedobear ex-teacher. Ezra tries to change the subject by asking Aria if she knows what this weekend is. I was thinking about that one time we dry humped in a bar.

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Ezra then lifts her up on the kitchen counter for another Pilot mirror scene, and one that will most certainly give me nightmares. Here, let me share:. Sweeney: THAT WAS SUCH AN ASSHOLE MOVE, LOR.

Hanna and her mom shop together. Ashley picks out a shirt and asks Hanna if she likes it. Mariska Mom catches just the tail end of that conversation and wonders if Ashley is starting a business. One dropped shoplifting charge does not a business make. Ashley tells Mariska that she thought retail therapy might help Hanna deal with the recent headlines. Ashley is just thankful the girls were at the lake house. Sara : Just thinking about someone hauling a months old corpse around is giving me the icks.

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And did they carry it off in their car? Emily and Spencer are in another part of the store. Spencer gets a call from a unknown number, which she ignores.

She lies to Hanna that it was just Toby, who is apparently living on his own in a loft. Spencer is a fan of said loft because the plumbing is broken, so Toby has to shower his Abs at her house everyday. Spencer probably broke the plumbing herself.

Lor: Nearby, two ladies whisper and glare at our girls. Hanna offers to take a picture and send it to them, which effectively scares them away.

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Hanna follows her mom out but remembers at the last minute the necklace she put on. The patient is Mona and the visitor is Hanna.

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Aw, Hanna. Emily unpacks her stuff and finds the Lesbian Scarf that Maya gave her. She wraps the scarf around a frame and stares at the picture of her and Maya sadly. Mama Fields comes in and tells her that there was a reporter at the door, but she slammed the door in his face.

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Emily smiles approvingly. Hanna flips through a magazine next to a non-responsive Mona but she gets fed up. Because it really was an inordinate amount of hate. Kind of like if someone tried to quit piano lessons and their piano teacher dismembered them. Hanna grabs her stuff and leaves. On the way out, who does she run into?

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Wren, of course! Wren volunteers at this institution a few times a month.

Teufelsrad (Devilís Wheel) Drunks Girls / Crayz Girls

S : In between his busy time being a doctor and hitting on teenage girls? Hanna is starting to see that. Toby is getting out of his shower, saying something about fixing the plumbing soon, but Spencer is mostly just admiring the view.

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Spencer and me too. We get it. Being not at the lake house would be a sad thing. Rosewood High. Caleb and Hanna have plans to meet after school to cook together, though Hanna is sending him to the store alone.

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