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JSA,ę [15]. -,. : -2 [16]. Infinite Crisis- -2, -3 - - [17]. [18]. . -. -2 -2 [19]. One Year Later Supergirl. [20] .-1 ., -. - [21].

- Starr Enterprises., - Terror Titans. .- [22].--. - ., JSA All-Stars. Blackest Night. JSA. - - -[23]. DC ę. - ęStarr Enterprises. Worlds' Finest. -2. .:,. ,. -2, -1.,.

. [25]. Justice Legaue Europe.,. . [26]. .,. Although this occurs at the same time that Kal-L's ship is launched, Kara's ship travels more slowly, and she arrives on Earth decades after her cousin has landed. The Symbioship allows her to interact with virtual copies of her parents and fellow Kryptonians. Originally, by the time she arrives on Earth, Kara is shown to be in her early twenties.

However, as mentioned in JSA Classified 1, her age at arrival has now been retconned to about eighteen in post- Crisis continuity. In Showcase 97, Kara is reclaimed by the sentient Symbioship and reimmersed into Kandorian society for a time.

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Several years of virtual time elapse, in which Kara is married and has a child. She is freed with the assistance of newspaper reporter Andrew Vinson, at which point she disables the ship.

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Power Girl's existence is not revealed to the general public until much later; her cousin Clark and his wife Lois Lane provide her a family environment to assist her transition towards real life relationships. In her first recorded adventure, Kara assists Justice Society members Flash and Wildcat with containing an artificially induced volcanic eruption in China.

She then joins Robin and Star-Spangled Kid to form a Super Squad to assist the Justice Society in defeating Brainwave and Per Degatonwho were causing disasters around the world. She pushes their base towards the Sunthe heat causing the villains to fall unconscious. Later, she becomes a full member of the Society when Superman retires from active membership.

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Having been raised by the Symbioship with artificial Kryptonian life experiences, Power Girl finds it difficult to adapt to life on Earth. However, with the help of reporter Andrew Vinson, she adopts the secret identity of computer programmer Karen Starr she obtains her knowledge in this field from exposure to Wonder Woman 's Purple Ray on Paradise Island.

On the pre- Crisis Earth-Two, Power Girl's closest friend is the Huntressthe daughter of the Earth-Two Batman and Catwoman. The Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series erased the existence of the Earth-Two Superman, and Power Girl's continuity was thus substantially disrupted.

However, her background was retconned ; she was told that she was the descendant of the Atlantean sorcerer Arionand was frozen in suspended animation for millennia until the present day. After the Justice Society disbands, Power Girl would join the Justice League. Later, while a member of Justice League Europeshe suffers a near fatal injury while battling a mystical being. Superman must assist in her medical treatment, using his heat-vision to perform surgery on her otherwise-invulnerable tissues.

However, she regained them all as time went on. Power Girl adopts a one-eyed mangy cat, an animal which would affect much of the team.

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One ct of this is her beloved cat is used to spy on the group by intelligence gathering criminals. During the Zero Hour event, Power Girl experiences a mystical pregnancy [20] and gives birth to a son supposedly named Equinox[21] who ages rapidly. Power Girl appeared in later issues of the Sovereign Seven series, Chris Claremont 's creator-owned comic book for DC. Their short-lived partnership ended after a disastrous mission which resulted in a large loss of life.

Although she has worked with her again on a few occasions when needed, the relationship between the two is tense. In Birds of Prey 35, Power Girl admitted that she is primarily to blame for the tension, but is unable to overcome the memories of the deaths. Power Girl is a key member of the Justice Society, which she joined when it was reformed in the late s.

During an adventure with the JSA, she meets Arion, who reveals her Atlantean heritage to be a lie he concocted at the behest of Power Girl's "mother". While attempting to save her teammate Ted Grant from the new female Crimson AvengerPower Girl is severely wounded by supernatural bullets fired from the vigilante's cursed handguns. Despite being saved by Doctor Mid-NitePower Girl comments that her near-death experience has shown her that she needs to make more personal connections outside of the superhero community.

The Psycho-Pirate shows Kara multiple versions of her origin in an effort to drive her insane. Eventually, he reveals the truth: Power Girl is a survivor of Krypton from the dimension which contained the pre- Crisis Earth-Two. In the " Infinite Crisis " storyline, Kal-L himself returns to the post- Crisis DC Universe after breaking down the walls of the paradise dimension [28] in which he, Lois Lane Kent of Earth-TwoAlexander Luthor, Jr.

of Earth-Threeand Superboy-Prime of Earth-Prime had been living since the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kal-L's first order of business is to track down Power Girl and explain the events of the original Crisis to her.

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Kal-L also reiterates her pre- Crisis history as his cousin. A touch from the ailing Lois of Earth-Two inexplicably restores Power Girl's memories of pre- Crisis Earth-Two. Soon after this revelation, Power Girl is confronted by Superboy-Prime, who renders her unconscious. Alex Luthor and Psycho Pirate coerce Black Adam who is also attached to the machine into saying "SHAZAM! After being brought to the barren created Earth-Two by Kal-L, Lois Lane Kent collapses and dies.

A violent confrontation between the two Supermen ensues, at the end of which Kal-L comes to the realization that this created Earth-Two had not been a perfect world, since "a perfect earth doesn't need a Superman.

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Power Girl is freed by Wonder Girl and Kon-Eland joins them in fighting Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor. During a savage battle on MogoSuperboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death and is later subdued by Kal-El. Power Girl is brought to Mogo by the Green Lantern Corps just in time to bid a tearful farewell to her dying cousin.

In the " One Year Later " storyline in SupergirlKara takes up the mantle of Nightwing in an attempt to free the natives of Kandor. Ultramanmasquerading as Kal-El and working in concert with the Saturn Queenhas taken control of the bottle city. Kara Zor-El is the city's Flamebird ; she prevents Ultraman's forces from executing the captured Power Girl.

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This causes another rift to grow between the two women, as Power Girl feels Supergirl left an entire city of people to suffer, all because of her own selfish desires. This animosity is still on display when she next encounters Supergirl.

. , ęPower girl, Superman Ļ ę , , † Pic for my buddy, who has given the people what they want from their favorite super family members for, He can even make PowerGirl accommodating Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L and Karen Starr, is a fictional DC Comics superheroine, making her first appearance in All Star Comics #58 (January/February ). Power Girl is the cousin of DC's flagship hero Superman, but from an alternative universe in the fictional multiverse in which DC Comics stories are set. Originally hailing from the world of Earth-Two, first envisioned as the

Power Girl remains a core member of the Justice Society. Terrific steps down. Power Girl is invited to rejoin Oracle 's Birds of Preybut refuses, stating that she would do so only "when Hell freezes over".

Her ill will toward Oracle is the result of a single mission in which she served as one of Oracle's agents, which ended badly. The appearance of the Earth Superman and his resemblance to Kal-L upsets Kara greatly when he first arrives on New Earth.

However, they adopt each other as family after a period of time. Following the events of Infinite Crisisa new Multiverse is created. Among them is an Earth-2 from which its Power Girl and Superman are both missing. The Power Girl of New Earth is accidentally sent to the pre- Crisis Earth-2 by the Third World god Gog.

The Power Girl of New Earth faces off against the Power Girl and Justice Society Infinity of the new Earth-2, due to the Earth-2 Power Girl's grief and rage over the loss of her cousin prompting her to believe that the 'other' Power Girl is an impostor with some role in Superman's absence.

The Power Girl of New Earth then returns home with the JSA. Power Girl briefly appears in the Final Crisis crossover event, battling the forces of Darkseid after he conquers the Earth using the Anti-Life Equation. After deciding to once again use the Karen Starr identity, she moves to New York City and begins rebuilding Starr Enterprises while continuing solo superheroics. She eventually takes teenaged hero-in-training Terra as her sidekick following the horrific events depicted in the Terror Titans mini-series.

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After the duo fight off a robot invasion of the city, Power Girl is kidnapped by the new Ultra-Humanitewho plans to transplant his brain into her body. Using her ice breath to destroy her gravity enhanced shackles and gag, Power Girl easily defeats the villain and saves New York.

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Following a massive battle that ends in the destruction of the Justice Society's HQ, the team decides to split up into two separate squads. Power Girl partners with Magog to start a more youth-oriented team dubbed the JSA All-Stars.

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Using Stargirl as leverage, the two are able to convince all of the teen JSA members except Jennifer Pierce to join the All-Stars. During the team's inaugural press conference, they are attacked by a group of mercenaries led by the villainous nephew of Sylvester Pemberton. Karen and her team emerge victorious, only to discover that Pemberton has kidnapped Stargirl during the confusion of the battle.

The team eventually rescues Stargirl. During the - " Blackest Night " storyline, both JSA teams gather in Manhattan to stave off the invading Black Lantern Corps. Several of the team members examine the corpses of Kal-L and Psycho Pirate, both of whom had been reanimated as Black Lanterns only to be killed again during a battle with Superboy and Superman. Karen breaks down in tears upon seeing the twisted corpse of Kal-L, and swears vengeance upon whoever is behind the creation of the Black Lanterns.

While on her way to the streets of Manhattan to assist her teammates, Karen hears Ma Hunkel screaming. She rushes to her side, only to see Ma being attacked by the Black Lantern Lois Lane-Kent of pre-Crisis Earth-Two. Terrific invents a machine to destroy the Black Lanterns. He activates the machine and it wipes out the Black Lantern ring connection and Kal-L and completely dissolves Kal-L's corpse.

In the - storyline " Brightest Day ", Power Girl attacks her comrades, and after being subdued, is discovered to have been possessed by the Starheart the cosmic entity that gave Alan Scott and Jade their powers [50] to which she was vulnerable because of her Kryptonian heritage, as Kryptonians draw their abilities from the sun.

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Staying out of action in order avoid another possession, she helps Mr. Terrific work on a machine that may be able to dampen the Starheart's power. Batman ultimately tells her to stay on Earth and try to fight the other metahumans being controlled by the Starheart, explaining that bringing her along would jeopardize the mission.

During the events of Justice League: Generation LostPower Girl assists her fellow heroes in a global manhunt to track down Maxwell Lor the former head of Justice League International and the murderer of Ted Kor who had been restored to life at the end of "Blackest Night". Following the New 52 reboot ofPower Girl appears as a refugee from Earth 2 in Worlds' Finest along with Huntress.

In the post- DC Rebirth DC UniversePower Girl Karen Starr appears to be trapped in some sort of interdimensional void between earths.

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Tanya Spears tries to get Karen Starr out by using an etheric transponder that allows her to travel there in an incorporeal state, but her physical body was disconnected from the machine by an unaware Kid Flash Wallace Westso both women remain trapped as a result.

In the " Watchmen " sequel " Doomsday Clock ," Power Girl returns to the DC Universe when Doctor Manhattaninspired by Supermanundoes the changes that he made to the timeline that erase the Justice Society and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

She can be seen talking with Blue Beetle on the background alongside Supergirl. As the biological cousin of Superman, Power Girl exhibits all of the classic Kryptonian powers: super strength; flight; super speed; invulnerability; x-ray, telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; freeze breath; and super-hearing.

Over the years various writers have given Power Girl's Kryptonian power differing levels, reflecting the lower powers of the Earth-Two Superman Kal-L.

For example, Power Girl can fly through space, but has to breathe, so before she leaves a planet, she must take a deep breath and hold it for several hours until she needs a new oxygen source.

Power Girl needs to sleep or she will experience disorientation due to fatigue. However, as recently shown in " Brightest Day ", she now draws her superpowers from yellow sunlight, just like Superman.

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The reason for this change has not yet been explained. Since she is from an alternative universe pre-Crisis Earth Twokryptonite has no effect on her, but she is still vulnerable to magic.

As Karen Starr, she is an accomplished business woman and is regarded by Mr. Terrific as a first rate scientist.

Even though Power Girl is from an alternative universe, her biology is still similar to Superman's. As one of a handful of characters who survived the Crisis on Infinite EarthsDC editorial was initially uncertain how to portray the character and attempted to portray Power Girl with a non-Kryptonian origin for a number of years. Power Girl's abilities have fluctuated since For some time, Power Girl believed she was an Atlantean.

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