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The trip had just started, Bangkok being first on the list, and we were ready to make some new friends. these were so fun!

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such a money waster! These places were meant to be crazy and we wanted to be in the know.

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The driver clearly had heard this many times. With no expression of shock, we were off to see whatever a sex show was.

What was offered? Two things: girls dancing except actually just standing there and what turned out to be a ping pong show. I wish I had known what a Ping-Pong show was so I could have skipped it.

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The area itself was a little bit sketchy yet full of tourists - the whole street. Turns out you have to go out early for these things- who would have thought. The area was called Phat Pong, the red light district, similar to what you see in Amsterdam except no ladies in windows, it was all hidden inside.

Above some bars are brothels.

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Men can come down for a beer and take a girl up for a couple of hours, then repeat. If you just wander through Phat Pong, you will see prostitutes, but I never saw anything dangerous.

We were warned that they would try to charge more. It was truly an uncomfortable experience and there were some weird people in there watching.

They were clearly happy to perform, making money from tips, and the crowd was cheering them on while they sang from Moulin Rouge, super high-quality Vegas-style. This was just the total opposite.

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If I had come straight from the U. Basically, on the way to the door a very huge manly woman blocked the exit. Just laugh at them for trying and leave. Without warning she jumps on the chair, pokes a cigarette into her vagina and lights it, puffing it by contracting her uterine lungs. There were couples making out while watching, young boys getting dances, and old men salivating.

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Then there were the groups of tourists with their eyes peeled open and their jaws on the floor in an uncomfortable disbelief. Instead of a ping pong show, I recommend you see a burlesque show in Thailand. They are incredible- you can check out a video I took at one with that link.

If you choose to go airbnb option which has so many rooms in Bangkok, I have a discount code you can use! Your story so reminds me of the scene in Van Wilder, if you ever saw that movie. I would definitely want to see a show; the surrounding cts added in are what seemed to make the whole experience extra unsettling. I also felt uncomfortable in Amsterdam, it was 4 years ago and I was in shock!

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I get bored sometimes but never THAT bored. I went to the pingpong show out of curiosity, ready to be shocked But when it came down to it, I found it quite off putting. having a laugh. The second time, I took my husband to see it for a laugh. When we were there, the place was filled with a huge group of drunk young British couples. Going to thailand next month and my bf is super keen to check out the show.

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I had gone with some locals friends though who went around asking exactly how much they were and where should we sit etc. Given we were with locals, there was not a single attempt to cheat us at all. In fact everyone was very respectful, bowing down and saying thanks both customer and server and just sitting and watching the show.

Guess you can tell we were the group of tourists with our jaws hanging down. I went to a ping pong show in BKK to see what all the fuss was about.

Ping Pong shows are famous in Thailand, and are considered a form of "entertainment" that essentially involve women doing tricks with their vaginas, like shooting out darts and ping pong balls or blowing out churchinnorthgower.comted Reading Time: 6 mins Thailand's (in)famous ping pong show is actually a form of stage entertainment that takes place in strip clubs. It is an eccentric type of a show in which you will see women wearing only bras, lying on their backs and using their pelvic muscles to either blow, eject, or hold objects from their vaginal cavity. While ping pong balls are the most common and iconic objects used, there are also BANGKOK, Thailand - Before I came to Bangkok, I couldn't decide whether I could stomach witnessing a real ping-pong show, the so-called "staple of the local sex industry."

Seemed like something horrible probably went on behind the scenes. Hi, I am really impressed with your post and travel experience Being Indian I found you have travelled India mote than me.

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I am also a travel loving guy and started to explore last year. Can I meet u personally to hear some of your great experience and tips?

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Explore Countries Singapore UAE Oman Thailand Nepal Vietnam Seychelles Mauritius India. Packages Hotels Collections. Countries Singapore. Write For Us! Phuket Places To Visit Packages Hotels How to Reach Best Time To Visit Map Photos Food. Home Articles Ping Pong Shows in Phuket What is a Ping Pong Show? Which Are the Best Places to Watch Ping Pong Shows in Phuket?

Source So where will you come across such shows? Approx Price: baht for a drink The show is all about women removing objects from their vagina while other women dance around her. The Controversy around Ping Pong Shows in Thailand Source The ping pong show is designed in a way to create a buzz amongst tourists and lure people into watching it. Articles in the past have described the working conditions of the performers.

They arrive in the bars by PM. and leave the next morning. Humans Right Movement on Ping Pong Shows in Phuket Human rights organisations like Not For Sale have declared ping pong shows to be inherently misogynistic. In the present day, ping pong shows might be considered unethical, but it's not illegal. And if you think about it, watching the ping pong show in Thailand is no surprise as the country has a reputation for being a pleasure-seeking sexually-liberated paradise for travellers.

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They used to work in factories, until the economic downturn forced their closure and it is suspected that many of the girls are also prostitutes. Taina Bien-Aime, Executive Director of Equality Now wrote "Working 14 hours [a day] in a factory or blowing ping pong balls out of your vagina should not be a person's only choices in life".Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Thailand is known for the various types of Ping Pong bars that it has in different areas. It is a form of entertainment that takes place in strip clubs in Thailand. Usually, the most used object in the Thailand ping pong bars is the small ping pong balls. The shows involve women, and there have been many controversies regarding this issue, but Thailand continues to play these shows Hahahah, yes, I went to see a Ping Pong show aka Tiger Show aka actually they're call it a Thai Girl Show but it sounds like Tiger Show when I was in Bangkok before. I had gone with some locals friends though who went around asking exactly how much they were and where should we sit etc

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There are likely to be some ping pong balls flying around of course, but the girls also use a whole load of other household objects. Darts, ribbons and even razor blades are used and yep, that is as terrifying to watch as it sounds! Some of the physical feats are downright astonishing If it is said briefly, the ping pong show is a sexual type performance and activity that is done in a bar on the club. These things are the entertainment source of Thailand and they have huge demand. The ping pong show had started the journey in the 70s. At that time, it A Thai ping pong show is a type of stage entertainment that usually takes place in a strip club or bar. Women use their pelvic muscles to perform tricks and blow objects from their vaginas. Ping pong balls are the most common item used. However, over the years, performers have experimented with a wide variety of churchinnorthgower.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

Phuket Weekend Night Market.

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