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it was beautiful classical music, Debussy, Satie, Bach, Delibes, which I like very much, but it was loud and all I could think was Oh shit, I hope this isn't going to make me sick, I was sooo worried about it, I did not want to ruin Ross's birthday with one of my episodes.

So the room is HUGE, with multiple screens that seem to made of some opaque material and on them and the wall and the floor are being projected Vincent's paintings, and drawings, which sounds fab right? but it was all sooo faded, where were Vincent's vivid colours? I kept waiting for COLOUR!!

and the only time I saw it was through the lens of my camera. There was also patterns being projected on the floor and they moved and swirled and I started to feel a bit swirly myself, but I kept it together, I sucked it up and wasn't a big girl's blouse : And the music that I was so worried about was the best thing about the show, It was loud, but glorious and whoever engineered it deserves an award. It suited the time period of when Van Gogh lived.

So the photo I've included was not this brilliant, it was a faded murky and muddy image, very disappointing, and as for multiple rooms? We later figured the whole show lasts about 30 minutes and then repeats and Trystan figured that the reason there was so little colour was because the screens were reflecting back the light instead of absorbing it, they needed silver screens, which were probably too expensive.

He was disappointed also. I was glad I had gone, but I was completely done in, I ended up crashing on Trystan's couch and was useless all of yesterday. Sensory overload, maybe its good it wasn't Vincent vivid, I might have had to be carried out :. ps- Ross had a wonderful day, we were all together, we picked up dinner from The Chili Pepper House, ate it at Trystan's, while I slept they had coffee and yakked, so I did not ruin his day, and today we are picking up a favourite cake for him from Notte's Bon Ton in Vancouver which he will share with friends tomorrow :.

The DRD Newsstand will be available at Uber maps. Since I am in the final stages of the last Please GOD! edit of The Novel and since said Novel is primarily about creepy things I wanted to take a wee break and shareTen Things That Creep Me Out. and those creepy little cars they drive.

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Think about it: Grown men cover their faces with make-up and bright red noses and get into those little cars. On purpose. And they didn't even lose a bet. Ain't natural.

Clowns and mascots are hiding something. Just trust me on this What are they really thinking?

charming topic Idea

See terrifying illustration above. Don't ask. Feel free to add to this list. What creeps YOU out? And saying "Guys who insist on sharing the Ten Things That Seriously Creep Them Out" WON'T be funny. this is my friend stephie. i love her.

any more

we lived together twice. during the prime of our going out, having insane fun years. we have so many stories. good stories. pee in your pants laughing stories. i cannot effing believe i did that stories. we totally could have died that night stories. funny boy stories. funny cat stories. endless drunken stories. i hope i remember them all forever, so when I am old and gray, i can just relive them in my head over and over.

this was the night of my 40th b'day celebration. i thought i was going to die the next day, but the fun we all had made it totally worth it. a friend sent this to our girls today. we don't remember whose hat or glasses those were.

they were not ours. Sooooooooo TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! I should note that I am not scared of the job really, my fear and worries have more to do with the changes in my three children's lives. As long as they are happy and adjust well I know I will do the same. I am smart enough to know that with a new full time career there will be many days where going to work will be the LAST THING that I want to do but me being the PollyAnna that I am I won't have kids hanging on me while I try to pee every single time.

You know eat lunch without my kids eating it all up from me.

with you agree

Like UM WOW. I plan to do a lot of shooting during my lunch hours. Shooting will be my eating lol.

Browse 49 little girl peeingstock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. girls sitting on toilets - little girl peeing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. potty training - little girl peeing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. end of toilet paper - little girl peeing Girls, ever had to pee in front of or close to a guy? One time I was at a festival peeing against a wall, and this really hot girl and her friend both came up beside to pee. Her friend squatted but the hot girl just pulled down her pants, and leaned her ass against the wall. This little guy was flirting like crazy with a little girl walking down the street. Walking right up to her, playing pees-a-boo, holding her hand and blowing kisses. (Of course, I couldn't shoot their adorable interaction because her paranoid mother had her on a short leash (literally!) and looked at me with eyes that said "I just know you are going to slash this nylon cord and snatch my daughter.)

Without kids and their STUFF in tow. Like um WOW. In nice clothes even. Double WOW. Not only adults but adults with similiar passions as mine. With pens! You know with girls it is ALWAYS about the fun pretty pens! With my planner! With a view! With a work computer! With my new kick ass commuter bag for my purse stuff and for my CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!! That means I get to network with lawyers and judges. That is VERY good experience for me.

I kid you not she works full time in the department that I will be working in. I had NO IDEA she worked there until after I was hired. I am SOOOOO excited to reconnect with her. We were co editors of our high school newspaper together and we both love photography and have a huge heart for social issues. So tomorrow morning I will dropping the kiddos off at daycare for the very first time. I know it will be very hard for me and for them but I have a lot of faith that THIS job at THIS time is SOOOOOO for me and THAT is a beautiful feeling.

PS Does it make me a MAJOR FLICKR DORK that I CAN'T WAIT to tell you guys all about it tomorrow night?!!!!!! I KNOW I AM a TOTAL Flickr DORK.

A dork and I am PROUD of it! One of the women visitors kept yelling this in a rather piercing tone at all and sundry. Many people from many countries came together in a grand effort to not pee themselves. She kept it up for a good two or three minutes until someone came along and whispered in her ear. My guess is she's not a country girl. I've decided to upload all my Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown photos in three large batches. In order to do this, I'm spending a few days on the post-processing generally cropping, straightening and sharpening.

Since I won't be up to comment to any great extent until Tuesday, please don't feel obligated to comment on my stream. It wouldn't be fair to expect your comments.

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I'm uploading batches for a couple of reasons. First, Explores are nice, but my main reason for being on flickr is to set up an archives for my extensive families, my personal friends and anyone else who wants to use my submissions.

I've got a lot of old family stuff on my photostream, and there's going to be a lot more old stuff going up over the next few months. Secondly, I want to keep putting up current stuff. Only then can I see how I'm progressing. In order to put up new stuff, I've got to clear out the old stuff. Flickr is a great tool that can be used for a lot more than getting Explores, although I have to admit that I'll be the last guy to turn them down.

The friendship is one of the most wonderful things that the human being has. To have always someone near to you, someone whom being able to smile, laugh, cry, tell him or her secrets, to whom being able to listen, a support for one, and someone you can be a column for. It means that you can be in the most solitary place of the world, in the most inhospitable place, in the worst moment of all, surrounded with emptiness, with granite, with cement, or with a lot of problems and nothing will matter, because you will not be alone, and a friend always will help you.

Photo taken in summer Adjustments of light and color with Photoshop]. La amistad es una de las cosas mas maravillosas que tiene el ser humano. El tener siempre a alguien cerca, con quien poder sonreir, reir, llorar, contarle secretos, a quien poder escuchar, un apoyo para uno, y ser uno columna para el otro.

Significa que puedes estar en el sitio mas solitario del mundo, en el lugar mas inhospito, en el peor momento de todos, rodeado de vacio, de granito, de cemento, o de problemas y nada importara, porque no estaras solo, y un amigo siempre te ayudara. Foto tomada en verano del Retoques de luz y color, con Photoshop]. Please Note: If you think this image is interesting, please consider voting for it on the Top Photo Blog site by clicking on this link www.

My deadline is rapidly approaching and I'm finding it difficult to balance both creative passions, photographing my girls and writing. It is with a very heavy heart that I must take a short break from my photos to revive my creativity. I am still available by fm and chat, should anyone want to drop a smile my way and I will still come by to comment on your amazing pics.

Always a friend, always reachable, but giving myself something I've needed for a while. but Jayne hid too. Was it an obsession I had with Jayne? You might call it that, but I kinda have to laugh at the idea because it wasn't so much a fixation, as it was that if I wasn't around her, my life ceased to exist in one way or another.

While the same secret that bonded us also had the power to splinter us, I innately knew the only way Jayne would ever be able to move beyond was if she learned to stand alone. It was a double-edged exposition; one that would hurt going in and would dismember our relationship on its way out. but that was the entire reason for my existence-to bring darkness to light and help Jayne learn to play dress-up with her skeletons.

Still reading? This little man was very funny and in the same time mean, he was playing with a little girl, when he took her "blue bike" and pee on it after that he left the crime scene!

a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to proceed. Scott did not fold this Kusudama Flower, I know. It's shocking.

Something origami showing up on my stream that was not made by him, but this one is all me. They're fairly simple to do, but the gluing portion is a bit of a pain in the butt. If you're interested in giving this simple pattern a try, you can find a tutorial here. I am watching you Winter is in town. Ready for the winter? There is a beggar in my house!

Thinking about the good things in life Have a good weeken 7. Autumn girl. For al the Flickr fans of Maybe here she is: Maybe and her fostermom at the age of eight weeks. Autumn dogs. Flowers for my father. A safe place for the pot plants during the winter. Dogs are so special! I am back!

final, sorry, but

We love autumn! A new pal for Maybe. Autumn flowers. Who knows something about cultivating Kelsey onions? Time to take a break! Good times are always passing by to quick. Autumn colors of grass. No race problems here :- The fairyland of Maybe. My happy girl.

Final, sorry, peeing little girls late, than

Rich in vitamins. Can I come now I had to pee A golden Golden. You forgot your basket mom! The biggest apple thief! Summer is almost gone Looking at the sky. At the end of the party.

what excellent

Have a good weekend! Innocence Salad, onions and of course Drive my car Where is Maybe? Time to take a break. Watching me. Portrait of Qorbie Naughty Maybe The Earth Laughs in Flowers First "pizza" harvest. Time for a beer Are you sleeping? Vaccination day. Puppy chickens. A beautiful day for a walk in the fields. First harvest. Have a splendid weekend! Broken wings. Gardeners work is never done. To sit and watch The flower and the bee. Sleeping beauty The beginning of a great trip!

Let's go! Looking in the same direction. A sweet old Lady. It's weekend :- have a good one! Can I come out? Who is the strongest? Blossom festival Birthdayflowers I love her, she loves me Hello everybody. Les jeunes filles d'autrefois soufflaient sur la tete du pissenlit pour faire s'envoler tous ses papillons. Autant de fois elles soufflaient, autant d'annees elles devaient attendre un mari. En francais le nom pissenlit provient des proprietes diuretiques de la plante, litteralement pisser en lit pisser au lit.

The young girls of old would blow on the dandelion's head to make all its butterflies fly away. As many times they huffed, so many years they had to wait for a husband. Oh my sweet-ness! This doll is a MONTH on the 14th! She was SOOO good to me today slept the ENTIRE time!

NO stinky and no pee pee This was a drawing K and I did years ago when we were reconnecting and coming close again after an argument. Edit done today for fuggers GayFabulous challenge!! What kind of animal are you? cat - preferably big black kind like a panther hey a dork can dream. What's grosser than gross?

the smell of bacon on the grill - especially if I have got a migraine. Do you poop in the woods? need a clean toilet everytime I can pee in the woods though, given enough urgency. What's your phobia?

hd a little girl sitting on the toilet, the problem with the intestines in children. 4k Happy cute little girl toddler sits on children's potty having fun fooling around, shows like sign on isolated white background. Easy learning to pee, peeing into chamberpot, child development concept little girl playing with toilet paper at potty time - little girl pee stock illustrations The Enraged Musician by William Hogarth cute hild sitting on white potty and crying. a little girl does not want to write to the chamberpot. sick baby constipation colic, bloating, indigestion heartburn, digestion, pain, diarrhea. - little girl pee stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Browse 27 little girl pee stock videos and clips available to use in your projects or start a new search to explore more stock footage and b-roll video clips. - parents potty training their children - little girl pee stock videos & royalty-free footage

heights, especially cliffs but have recently discovered I can get a real high from confronting this fear - tis better than drugs dork!!! Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? umm no? is this back to fingers again? Its usebothsides with "Kitty Cuffs", and remember, don't lose the key starts any second now oh drat wrong speed ah, that's better".

As seen over the urinal at Bubbalou's Bodacious Barbecue, Altamonte Springs, Florida. Phone cam quality. Little girls watching are amazed. This little girl must have been all of one and a half to two years old. She had two speeds - all out fast and stop. Barefoot the whole weekend. Honeybuttons "Yup that was pretty Priceless OMG you know what we should do? We should tell the other girls NOT to tip her off and see HOW long she has a Mustache".

This girl was kicked out of a pub in Middlesbrough for peeing herself.

And peeing little girls impossible

We left 2 hours later and saw this! On my holiday to the seaside by coach, I was dressed with bells so they could all hear where I was, and waterproof pants so I would not cause a problem on the long coach journey without any chance of a pee, I didn't need them, I was sick on the coach instead. Coach travel often had me either feeling unwell or physically sick, I think it was the soft and often stuffy coach that made me unwell, if I traveled by bus there was never a problem.

My health problems had started as a baby when I caught the measles, it was just by luck that I survived, although in later years, poor long sight, part deafness and slightly weak bladder muscles did cause minor upsets. My mothers lack of taking me to the doctor over my childhood problems did not solve any matters, but as I always appeared to be healthy, by not catching Mumps, German Measles, Chicken Pox and all the other childhood diseases, meant that in her mind there was never the need for me to see the doctor, as a baby I was never taken to any of the baby or toddler groups, it seemed I missed out on my free orange juice.

As I was never registered with any authorities, or attended any play groups or any areas where I might meet other children. When it came to sorting out the matter of school shortly before my 5th birthday, nothing happened, my mother had plans around this period for moving out of the area, nothing more was done about the matter of school.

For my first five years I had a totally adult influenced way of life. It was after my 6th birthday that I started school and met other children strange creatures. With my early school reports it mentions that I don't listen, if a teacher was behind me and out of sight, I often had little idea that they were talking, in later schools, if an adult came into the room, we were meant to stop work and stand up, if I was engrossed in work, I seldom noticed this and received some form of punishment over my apparent rudeness.

A nurse stood in a quiet hall and spoke at a distance behind me, first on one side then the other, I was able to hear both sets of sounds, however when she was standing to the left, I was simply picking up the sound with my good right ear.

consider, that you

The other test was with a tuning fork, again when it was sounded on my poor ear I picked the sound up with my good ear. Had one ear at a time been tested, with the other ear fully blanked off, then a different result might have been noticed. For my sight, from the back of a classroom, some teachers writing could be difficult to follow, I just guessed at most of it. If we were required to copy down what was on the blackboard s learning device using chalk in full, my version if checked later by the teacher showed minor differences.

My inability to catch a ball if it was thrown from a distance was also a failure. They decided I had double vision. Going for a pee when I needed one in my early years was fine, providing I was allowed to go when I asked. When out with my grandmother when we were shopping for an hour or so in the morning, I might put in the request to use the local public toilets. The answer was always "No wait a little longer", meant it was only a few of minutes before there was an accident, or a bit of a nuisance in the minds of adults.

At the age of four I still often wore waterproof pants when out with my grandmother just in case. In the afternoons when my mother took me out, I was in her choice of clothing and as she was more relaxed in allowing me the use of a public toilet, I had few problems.

Infant school gave no problems during lessons, teachers allowed us to visit the toilet in the middle of a lesson, possibly believing that it was the shyness of those that did not want to go during break when there were too many others about and now found the need. The only problem I had for a short time was during the afternoon break when we had to lay and rest for a short period whilst we listened to the teacher read a story to us, the school had the idea that we should lay on our front, I was always use to sleeping on my side.

The slight pressure when I was on my front even if I had just visited the lavatory resulted in a very small wet patch on the front of my shorts, not noticed by the others but only by the teacher, I received some sympathy, not something I had ever experienced before.

When it was mentioned to my mother, it resulted in me going back into waterproofs for school. I was a little embarrassed, but as almost half the boys in class also wore them, I was never teased. Eventually I solved the problem by fidgeting during our rest period, and together with a girl we were thrown out of this story time rest break and spent the time in our small playground. From the age of eight at primary school, my bladder did give problems, I had no visible accidents during lessons, as I timed my visits to the toilet at the start of every break and at the end of the lunch break.

However delay my ability to visit the toilet at the start of these breaks, or during a fit of the giggles, and it did give problems. Delay me by deciding that this was the ideal time to inflict some form of punishment, when the teachers saw me standing in a puddle it seemed to them that I was in fear, which was partly true, but in the main, it was just that I simply could not wait any longer.

Those of us from the children's homes were often refused permission to leave the room in the middle of a lesson by some of the teachers, a few from the Home had used this time as a method of searching other children's coats for money and sweets. We just had to sit at our desks and hope we could last the rest of the lesson.

Kids from the Children's Home in wet trousers were not a rare sight, a punishment from most of the Sisters' once they knew we were not allowed out during lessons, would be that you had to wear waterproof pants to school for a week or so, but no other punishments. At the age of eight the Sister in the Children's Home decided that for chapel where I would not get access to the toilet, providing me with a pair of waterproof pants to wear under my trousers might solve the matter before it started.

I was more afraid of having an accident an allowing others to see it, that others around me had accidents and after a little bit of teasing could laugh the matter off was not something I could understand, it was the thought of what Sister or my mother would have said. In the Home there was generally no punishment if you had an accident and wore waterproofs, with my mother it would have been the lack of treats for that day.

Other boys of my age at school might have made a fuss, for some the thought of been made to wear rubber pants would have been worse than be seen in wet shorts, I found it easier to go along with the adult requests.

The other alternative was to wear shorts with a plastic lining that would end in a puddle on the floor. Little thought was given to why I might have daytime problems, and nothing was put on my medical notes as to the need to find a reason for the odd day time accident.

Web Page:See www. I was taking my brother's family pictures when his oldest son said he had to pee. So he went to the bush line and peed. This is a picture of my niece his little sister copying her big brother. I just thought it was cute. I got this the other day: it's a size 12 denim playsuit! It's tremendous fun to wear - it's a lovely stretchy material with an elasticated back so it has a nice overall tight fit, with nothing on underneath apart from a pair of girls' panties.

I love the chunky zips and buckled waist detail: the only thing I haven't worked out yet is how you pee wearing it?!

Girls Trip - Peeing Accident - official FIRST LOOK clip \u0026 trailer (2017)

Dana lost her phone at a bar where we were buying cheap six packs because they stop selling alcohol early in Philly and the woman who found the phone called Jessica to say she had it. Jessica thought it was Dana "talking like a retard" and hung up on her. She figured it out later and the woman said she was on a bus to north Philly and that we could pick up the phone the next day. Dana called Amber the phone finder at in the morning and she said, "Girl, I been partying all night, I'm just going to bed right now.

I'm really high. We finally got directions and went to pick it up. When we drove up she was waiting at the door in her robe, hollering, "Dana! Right here! Amber and I instantly recognized each other through the windows and we were waving at each other because coincidentally we had talked in the bathroom of the bar about how fucked up we were.

I also caught her standing up while peeing which was interesting. Dana got her phone. We gave her a beer as a reward to which she shouted upstairs, "BABY! YOU NEED A BEER?! This is Amber. For some odd reason which is to say, because of my lack of attentivenessI took the clone picture in the macro setting, so my face was really blurred.

there ya go. Triangular White Thrash cover, out: Tuesday, December 7, She loves the snow, and sniffing around trees. Always sticks close to me. Always having another pee. Weather, history, politics, Brexit, family dynamicstell her stories. Made up on the hoof as it were. As well as being mischievous, a bit of a madam deciding where we shall go, getting her own way rather than letting me choose for myself. Distance no object. so, I was with a bunch of girls in a library, but more like a bookstore, and we were having a fab time yakking and laughing, they weren't familiar, but in the dream we were thrilled to be with each other, then I decided I wanted a coffee and one of the girls told me to just go to the front and I could get one - definitely not a library : so I get up, making my way through crowded tables and bookshelves and then I hear a man's deep voice saying very sternly "Madam" and I look around, startled, and there is Stephen Fry, the English actor, he is perched on a ladder, the kind that are attached to shelves so you can reach up high, and at the base of the ladder are a bunch of women, seemingly steadying the ladder, and they are looking very disapprovingly at me.

I don't like his tone and probably look obstinate. I ask, "why? I can see that it is old and the front cover has a wonderful painting on it in the style of Rousseau- and the title is so now I'm mad. He says that I can only have the book if I transfer to the other library.

So I say, which I thought was pretty cheeky when I awoke that I didn't come to the library to get books, I came to meet up with my friends, and to this he looks down his nose and says in a very droll voice "Exactly Madam" and his entourage glare at me. and then I say "And I can find that book on the internet " : He looks shocked.

Congratulate, your peeing little girls confirm. All

So this is the best part, as I turn to go I see through some glass doors, a waiting room, and my Dad is sitting in there!! and he smiles at me and I go running out to see him.

The latest tweets from @peeinggirls girl peeing in the car. Arta Marty. 6 years ago | K views. girl peeing in the car. Browse more videos Browse little girls pee stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. i'm good girl - little girls pee stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

He says I've come to walk you home but we mustn't dawdle as I have to pee and I say me too and then I wake up :.

Excellent weather today so we have spent some time out in the patio and backyard, all three of us. This was either me or my brother on the new at the time Rapid River Run in Panama City Beach.

It was right next to the Zoom Flume, across the street from Miracle Strip Amusement Park. It has since been absorbed into a water theme park called Shipwreck Island. We were here one night when I was about 8 or 9. My inner tube was stuck on an eddy current at the launch pool, and I was not going anywhere.

A slender blonde-haired brown-eyed girl a couple of years older than me reached out her hand and grabbed mine. She held my hand and pulled me down the first chute into the moving water, and thus kick-started my fetish for soaking wet, chlorine-smelling girls. Explore Trending Events More More.

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Related groups - girl peeing View all 8. Girl Acting Like Guys. I Really Wish My Friend Hadn't Taken That Photo Of Me then put i. View all All Photos Tagged girl peeing.

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Can You See That by Shery NisaSG. Go to town with it And she shave it all off, Charlie Brown with it Lookin' all around, all the other girls sound fishy He ain't ever caught a whiff, that's why he down with it Yeah, bitch I'm tellin' you, this incredible This shit edible It's like cannibal, kiss my genital Mine taste medical Mayday Her's like chemicals Hey, hey If he gay though, when he taste that shit, turn hetero Oh, my God Can you see that?

She need knee-pads I'm a bad bitch, fuck a pee-pad Full of shit, if he don't eat it, he a D-bag He could use a submarine, I'll call him seaman youtu.

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Pages from a music score of silent melodies - 11 by Anuj Nair. Consonance and dissonance. I the body would be sharing certain events cached in its data files. I shall remove the text if anybody feels hurt, offended or humiliated by its contents. Did you ever see a laddie go this way and that? The girls held either side of the bottom edge of their half skirts and swayed their hips left and right to sing: " Did you ever see a lassie, a lassie, a lassie?

Go this way and that way, go this way and that way, Did you ever see a lassie Go this way and that?

Peeing little girls

Go this way and that way, go this way and that way, Did you ever see a laddie Go this way and that? All rights reserved. I wanna be a bad girl A by Kay Harpa.

as you Malibu poo poo pee-doo. I wanna be a bad girl B by Kay Harpa. Zinneke Pis by espinozr. BNTM Theme 4 - Song Titles by Karinella ok, the vid isn't working so i'll give u guys the info BTW!!

There will be a twist at the end!!! Kasia, Isabelle and Mika did no give in their photos Giselle: this photo is gorgeous with a capital G!!!

The only thing is the lighting in your face, that kind of ruins the photo a bit, but I love love love everything else! Top Photo goes to rest in order 2. Xper 7. I used to pee in front of my ex bf but never in front of a random person, not even my guy friends.

Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. AngusMurrayForever Xper 2. One day, I was at a big park with no toilets and i was will my boyfriend now ex bf and. ElectricGIRL Xper 5. XRabbitHeartX 2. veronica44 58 opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. Related myTakes. Show All. Why God might keep a Christian single. How to protect yourself without being a snob - bible talk.

Reasons why the ''friendzone'' doesn't exist. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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