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All gifs were made by me from scratch and are intended for roleplay purposes. Do not repost, edit, or turn these into gif icons. CLICK THE LINK IN THE SOURCE to be directed to gifs of Dario Yazbek from La Casa de las Flores season two, episodes CLICK THE LINK IN THE SOURCE to be directed to gifs of Natasha Lyonne from Russian Doll season one, episodes CLICK THE LINK IN THE SOURCE to be directed to gifs of Jaime Camil from Jane the Virgin season one, episodes gwen's gif packs!

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i do not take suggestions or requests! download my gifs if you use them often! find all of my gif packs here! if you can't find a gif pack, check the url gwensgifs or refresh the page!

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important links. my nickpic account has most of my gif packs! if any are missing look here first!

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gif pack directory. These three are individually usually 0. Together that one image is displayed for 0. This means that if I remove said frames, I'll have to adjust the frame delay of the one left behind. Frame delay can be found at the bottom of your frame.

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In this tutorial you can find out more about frame rates and timing if you're interested. Once you're happy with your frames, you can resize your gif. A standard full width gif on will be px wide.

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You don't have to adjust the height, Photoshop will do this for you as long as you have the little chain checked on the side. For your resample setting, you'll want to either have it set to Bicubic smoother and thicker lines or Biliniear Sharper and thinner lines.

On the right of your timeline, there will be a small button with three lines.

Pinkyxxx gif tumblr

When you click this button, you'll be able to open a menu. In this menu you'll have to select "Convert to video timeline". This will convert your frame timeline into a video timeline. The reason we do this is to make applying filters easier.

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This way we'll be able to apply anything we want in one go rather than frame by frame. Before you can apply filters to every single frame, you'll have to convert all your layers to a smart object.

To do this, you'll have to select all layers.

Alternatively, you can click the top layer, hold shift and click the bottom layer. You're now left with a single layer.

tvshow: a discovery of witches tvshow: colors tvshow: gif tvshow. gifshistorical. R e b e c c a F e r g u s o n a s E l i z a b e t h W o o d v i l l e | The White Queen Aug 2 reblog. like. tvshow: the white queen character: elizabeth woodville twq: colors twq: gif tvshow. howls. Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton. The horseman Pink haired ebony cutie with massive garage is fond of sucking and getting drriled with huge black dick. k 20min - p. Poundhard Entertainment. Super monster booty pounded silly throwback. M min - p. Ltee Xxx. Big booty legend Pinky and a cutie with a booty take turns on LT. k 37min - p June 5, check out this super hot threesome starring breyana the body, mini the stallion and rico strong! a lot of great fucking, squirting and high Free Preview 6

If we had done this while our timeline was a frame timeline instead of a video timeline, your gif would have stopped moving. Hence why we had to convert the timeline first.

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Everything is ready to go for our first filter to be applied. We're going to start of with a smart sharpen.

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I'll be applying a dark sharpen to this gif. I've fully explained everything about sharpening gifs in this tutorial. I recommend you check it out if you want to know more about exact settings and effects.

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When I apply the filter it will show up in my layers window, underneath our smart object. If I right click this I can edit the blending options of the sharpen.

I'll be setting the sharpen to darken, to remove any white halo and to get the effect of nice smooth lines. Once I'm done with the sharpening of the gif, I'll give it a surface blur.

How to make a gif set for Tumblr. (online \u0026 free)

Surface blur smoothes out the flat surfaces in an image. This is helpful for removing grain and trimming down your gif's filesize.

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I don't set the values of surface blur too high. I don't want it to affect the lines. I'd say if you cap yourself at about 5 for each value you should be fine.

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Do note that if one is high the other should be lower and visa versa. You can see that the one with bad surface blur has weirdly thin lines and has a weird fade over it.

i finished this sketchbook a while ago, but i just finally got around to making a gif for it. first sketchbook gif in nyc!:^) #artists on #sketchbook #gif #pixie #sketchgif #sketchbook gif they/them. 21+. gif and graphic maker for medieval and fantasy faceclaims. currently giffing: eva birthistle, millie brady, mark rowley, ewan mitchell, ruby hartley, amelia clarkson in last kingdom. recently posted: luke arnold, hannah new, zach mcgowan, clara paget, and hakeem kae-kazim in black sails. I Hunts 4 all. home ask Directory to do list. Request away! I'm open to do any celebrity that you need a gif hunt for! ? Under the cut you will find gifs of actress, Jenna Coleman. All of these gifs should be of high quality and of small/medium size. None of these gifs are mine so I give full credit to the real owners

The secret to good filter usage is when it looks like it would actually look like that. At this point you can start colouring your gif. Personally I like to stick to enhancing the natural colours of the gif a little.

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I've written two tutorials on the exact workings of colour theory and colour adjustments. Tutorial on basic colour theory and pastels.

I'll only be applying a levels layer and a selective colour layer. Less is more.

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The more adjustments the bigger the chance you're going to affect the quality of your gif. I've used levels to increase the contrast and I've used selective colour to brighten up the yellows a little. That's all I'll do personally. When you're happy with colouring your gif, it's time to save it.

Becuase this is a small gif, it'll be under 3MB without a doubt. If you are having issues with a larger gif that won't fit the 3MB limit, check out this tutorial on reducing filesize.

A gif can't be saved the same way any other image would be saved. In order to save a gif and retain the animation, you'll have to go into the save for web window.

a woman in a car is singing. a person is waving and smiling while looking to the right. two boys sit and smile, and one of them laughs while the other gazes at him. a man with a microphone is drinking a beverage.

a man wearing a suit smiles at something in the distance. Yuncheng Li University of Rochester.

gif icons masterlist. filters: all female male non-binary poc 80px misc size commission. return gif pack masterlist. all filter name filter name. of. alexis ren. #50 gif icons. blue red shortshowname etc. of gif icons in 75 px! please reblog here! diamondgifs. hwang hyunjin gif icons in 75 px! please reblog here! by using my gifs you agree to the rules listed on the previous page, please follow them. previous page, please follow them

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