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Pist Idiots - Fuck Off

I was so goddamn pissed that I started crying; which pissed me off even more that I was crying. So here I am, at the fucking library.

Pissed the fuck off

I'll tell you right now; they don't let me work tomorrow, I am going in there and quitting Half Baked-style. I am gonna be like, 'Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you are all assholes and I fucking quit.

In better news, Ryan and I got married on Friday; it was great; he looked so hot in his tux with the red shirt and I think I looked pretty damn good myself.

apologise, but, opinion

The only thing is that we don't know if the pictures developed; we are afraid that the roll of film didn't advance. I will be so pissed.

I have to go try and pick it up today; which I will do when I leave the library. I am getting my engagement ring next week we had to put it on layaway because of the wedding.

It is a saphirre set in white gold with two small diamonds. It is so beautiful.

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I didn't really care if I got an engagement ring, but Ryan was dead set on getting me one. He felt so bad that he couldn't get me one before the wedding.

That can pissed the fuck off for that interfere

But it's not all about rings; it's all abotu us loving each other. Ryan saw her at work, and I'll tell you, she is lucky that he was in his fucking uniform, because knowing him, he would have stabbed her.

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He was so pissed off. i hate reality tv and rap and thats all ill say here.

Member Level 08 Musician. People like you piss me the fuck off. Member since: Apr. Last week I wanted to just open an uzi on everyone But I wouldn't.

the expert

First hour in gym this littl nerd throuws a didgeball right at my nuts, so I chase him around for the rest of the hour slamming him with balls, but these other kids were being asses and went after me thr whole time.

Then, these kids at lunch were throwing carrots at my friends and well I think I've been rambling enough, I should just go to a different school. Ever thought about home schooling? I made a short list of the rest: -People who type in ALL caps letters -People who don't know what they're talking about, but act like they do -That fat kid in that commercial who uses 3, napkins to eat 1 piece of bbq chicken Although there are few things that really piss me off Romance-related reality TV shows.

Member since: Mar. Member Level 17 Blank Slate. People who chose Dragonball characters for their NG callsigns. Member since: Sep. Member Level 43 Artist.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world thehellboyz11's webcam video May 8, PM Yo, I really don't understand why the hell all this shit about immigrants is getting blown out of proportion. This whole fucking country was built b/c of immigrants. First of all, people want to act like the only immigrants are hispanics. Second, they think every fucking hispanic is a Fucking

And don't forget the shocking twist. The man they are marrying is really a woman! I think I'll do my "You're a fucking hypocrite dance" now.

I dont own this   What do you get PFO at? This relates to anything, school, parents, the government. What pisses you off and why? For me it's reality t.v. shows, and pop-punk/glam goth bands that give the real punk/goth bad names and images if u r offended by freedom of speech dont fucking watch!!!!!

It's all ok if you're into right? It's just everyone else Odds 10 to 1 you're a Hot Topic sheep.

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What about when it was released that the kids that shot up columbine listened to manson, and all of the teachers in schools were fraking out becuase they thought kids that listened to manson were gonna slaughter their students? People who talk out their ass piss me the fuck off.

Member Level 12 Blank Slate. Well, Im trying my hardest NOT to be an ass-hole, lets start with you.

God! Well pissed the fuck off opinion

Just to let you know '' is the holy trinity people. Member since: May. Member Level 33 Programmer. Lots of things piss me off: 1 People that drive slowly in peak traffic 2 People who think they know more than you when they don't 3 Two-faced people and the list goes on Just so you know: The Columbine insedent was started like this: The main dude was sick, like wierd sick. Just so you know.

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I'll stick with Dimmu Borgir and Sepultura, even a little Hammerfall 2. How American of you. Aren't we self deserving today.

Earth's richest 1, individuals now control as much wealth as the poorest billion people on the planet. This super elite uses its vast wealth to control the media, influence politicians, and bend laws to their favor. by alllie in politics. [-] pissed_the_fuck_off. -1 points   Pissed the fuck off. Discussion in Admin Abuse started by OnceHipJR, Sep 19, Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Search This Thread. Advanced Search. Find Your Posts; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > OnceHipJR. Member. 0. Posts. I'm really getting tired of Doomx growls: I fucking hate Hannford so much; I am so fucking quitting. I am a cashier today, so I go in today at 9, get my fucking till, and I am told that I am service clerking for 2 hours of my shift- which means doing fucking bottles, and bringing in carts (which is the first thing they made me

It's fun to Baaaa. Want me to teach you?

All pissed the fuck off late

Holy trinity? Stop typing please.

All above

Shit is coming out of the seams of my monitor. for all of u who are saying u hate the guy for making this topic Mooshkabooble or whatever, CONGRATS, YOU'RE AN ASS-HOLE! thanks, i like you, youre smart and funny as hell.

That band is horrible. upon telling doomx that i would bring this to the higher admins he threaten me with telling the higher admins that i was too aduseing my admin by teleing pll.

dj kyle told me this and i stoped. doomx has kicked me from pf and even banned me before. i do not take this lightly because hes no higher then i am and i accualy pay for my admin to help support the server and to keep the server a funner place for all pf members and guests alike.

GuestSep 19, People get pissed because you do things without good and proper reason. And then you try to justify what you do with a false reason.

understand you

Then you laugh about it. You're a horrible admin.

final, sorry, but

Aug 10, 7. thats not the point u openly admit to admin abuse and u joke about it.

All above

i dont even understand y u have admin again if u lost it once then it was for a good reason. snipsSep 19, no ur NEVER in spec u always play the only time ive ever seen u in spec was last night and ur brother was playing.

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name tims of wen i aduse?

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