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She must've lost some in the meantime.

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I think she looked cute and fresh-faced on last night's appearance. I think she's lost it since that article was written. I caught her morning show on ABC and she looked as thin as she did when she first started on FN. I thought maybe it was a really old show so I watched again a week later and she was still very thin.

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I did notice both times she was wearing all black. But it's really not true that black is all that thinning. It's certainly wouldn't make someone look 50 pounds thinner and she looks like she's lost at least that much from that picture of her really fat carrying all those bags.

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I mean even her head in that picture is hugely fat. That said, I hear she is not at all a nice person in RL, that she is a real bitch and a diva.

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She certainly is greedy. Not only is she a zillionaire from all the crappy products of hers on the market but she was one of those caught selling fake olive oil. That EVOO of hers was EVONO.

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I mean with all her money she has to cheat on olive oil and sell people some unhealthy shit. I can take some of her recipes, and barely watch her show, but I think I'm done. Her schtick is wearing thin There's the "cheap and cheerful" comments, her always "forgetting" something and yelling to her crew in back, slicing garlic soprano style, saying she smells like a salami, fawning over disgusting celebrities like 50 cent, telling viewers to watch out when grating garlic or onions, so you don't "become part of the meal" Ughhh, the list is endless.

She's perfect for suburban housewives her pans are crappy too Menopause my ass. My mom - who is 5'3" and doesn't exactly have supermodel genes - started menopause weight gain IN HER 50s and, while she was far from happy about it, she never blew up like that. She just became a little thicker, that's all.

Ray began taping #STAYHOME With Rachael two days a week, on Mondays and Fridays, from her upstate New York home in the Adirondacks in April , Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Rachael Ray suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Thursday's episode of "The Rachael Ray Show." The daytime talk show host was plugging guest Jack Savoretti's album when a stage manager rushed onto Rachael Ray and her big fat booty

Like someone said above, she's Sicilian - the fat genes are just there. Even when she was just starting out, all you had to do was look at her hands and fingers - they were the shortest, stubbiest, most peasant like things I've ever seen. She's always had the proportions of a dwarf. Even the "bro" magazines couldn't photoshop it out of her, and they can fix anything.

I was on a flight with her once and she coughed the entire time.

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It was usually two or three crackly, phlegmy coughs at a time but every so often it would erupt into the full-blown attack complete with gasping and throat-clearing. A couple of times she addressed no one in particular and bellowed, "Not contagious!

Now Rachael is waddling around the kitchen and eating like a pig. Fat boys are cheering for Rachel to get back to her fighting weight. We know that the fatter you get the more of our food you will eat. Fat boys and fat girls are in a battle for your soul Ms. Ray. The fat girls want you to join their ranks and we fat boys who love you the most Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Menopause my ass. My mom - who is 5'3" and doesn't exactly have supermodel genes - started menopause weight gain IN HER 50s and, while she was far from happy about it, she never blew up like that. She just became a little thicker, that's all. Like someone said above, she's Sicilian - the fat We Are Never Full. Musings on Starters, Mains, Desserts and Second-Helpings. Toggle Sidebar. February 28, Rachel Ray Butt. big ole butt. Related. 16 Comments. 16 thoughts on " Rachel Ray

Not contagious, folks! Just the dry air!

Guess who I take after. It wasn't mom. Oh and dear old dad - he wasn't fully Italian. I had my genome sequenced and a few things popped out that were a somewhat surprise.

Like the Ashkenazi thing.

Rachael ray fat ass

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads!

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search By Date, OP only, Subject only. Rachael Ray really is a fat tub of shit!

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Just saw her on Colbert, and she's gained so much weight I didn't recognize her. She must've moved in on Paula Deen's recipes since her fall from grace.

If you want to know why she's gained weight. You don't need to lose weight, you can just stand behind things.

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Post a pic of yourself OP, or your opinion is shit. She does not have any formal training. Moreover,she has also appeared on many television programs.

amazing big ass Hottest Pictures Of Rachael Ray. The 'Rachael Ray in Season' subscription model is being expanded with Meredith Corporation's return. The magazine will be available for home delivery from the winter/spring issue. Ray has numerous brand enthusiasts, who are excited for this opportunity to secure the magazine, which has received tonnes of positive feedback from [ ]Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins   Rachel Ray Packs On Pounds "The suits held a summit and told Rachael that she's too fat for TV! "Everyone thinks it's absurd that she's on TV preaching about healthy eating, and pitching herself as a health expert and food guru - when she looks like

She hosted the eleven series of 30 Minute Meals. InRachael Ray became a television executive producer of a Latin cooking show on the Food Network channel, called Viva Daisy. It starred Daisy Martinez. In the beginning ofRay and Guy Fieri featured as team captains in the Food Network reality series Rachael vs.

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Guy - Celebrity Cook-Off. Each and every snap of her is a dedication to her undeniably unbeatable beauty and the same can be seen in these priceless collection of Rachael Ray boobs images. Cherish the view of this diva as you feast your eyes upon her lusciously smooth and wowing Rachael Ray butt pictures and Rachael Ray ass images.

Most of these photos include Rachael Ray bikini images, from the sexiest Rachael Ray Instagram pics which showcase her wild-side and gorgeous curves!

The Double Life Of Rachael Ray

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Geeks on Coffee. Her shows have won three Daytime Emmy Awards. Ray was born in Glen Falls, New York, USA. They relocated to Lake George, New York in She belongs to Italian-Cajun ancestry.

53 Rachael Ray Sexy Pictures That Are Sensually Arousing. Rachael Ray shot to fame when viewers got to know about the $80 Million Empire. Ever since her discovery, she has raked in a huge amount of wealth. Her Emmy-winning daytime talk show, which reclaimed the Outstanding Talk Show crown this year, has won her churchinnorthgower.comted Reading Time: 3 mins

She attended Lake George Junior-Senior High School until graduating in and was a cheerleader. She went on to attend Pace University. She went on to host this show in Food Network for 27 seasons until She is responsible for popularizing the term EVOO extra-virgin olive oilwhich is now a part of the Oxford American College Dictionary.

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She endorses Dunkin Donuts and creates recipes for pets as well. She also runs a non-profit organization named Yum-O! Ray is married to John M. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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